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I am going to give it to you straight. This is a hard article for me to write. In fact, while I am convinced that what I am about to say is correct, I hope and pray that I am in error. I don’t think so, though.

I was raised in a patriotic family. My “Greatest Generation” grandfather regaled us with stories of his youth, which took place in both good and bad times – the roaring 1920’s and the Great Depression. Through it all, he was a committed patriot.

Grandpa went to enlist on Dec 8, 1941, but was told that with three young children at home and a job in the oil fields, the United States wanted him to stay home and keep the oil flowing. So he did.

My “Silent Generation” dad enlisted at 17 and spent three years in Germany. After his enlistment, he came home, got married, finished his education and raised a family.

There was no country in the world that could compare to the United States of America, and my father and grandfather made sure I knew it. I enlisted at 19, and came home after my tour, finished my education, got married, and have been raising a family ever since.

I love my country. I love it very much.

Sadly, my country no longer exists, and it has not for a long time. In fact, it began to die a few years before I was even born, and by the time I was in high school, it was a goner. Today, we are just kicking around the dead husk that used to be my country.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to take a black pill or anything. I am just recognizing reality. The United States of America does not exist. There is nothing “UNITED” about it. This is a loose conglomeration of various nations that are crammed together, coasting to a stop as the fumes of the American engine flame out.

It is time to face the truth. My people are not the only people living in this country. Truth be told, we might have had some semblance of a claim to being a united people before the mid-1840’s, but once Texas was admitted to the “Union,” that was no longer true. That issue was exacerbated when California was brought in five years later.

(I realize that I am really applying some Pollyana thinking above. We were never less than two nations, living in proximity to one another. Yankees and Southrons were never the same people. But they did at least try to work together and pretend like they were one).

No, Texas was a different state than the others, as there was not just one group of people inhabiting that place. We not only had the former Americans (overwhelmingly Southrons), but also the Mexicans, who also had just as much claim, having fought against the Mexican tyrant Santa Ana a decade before statehood.

When Texas became a state, no longer were citizens made up of almost all British extraction (with a few Germans thrown in), but now we had Spaniards and Mestizos. The Texicans had learned to work with the Mexicans who stayed in Texas after independence, and things were fine, but when that mix was thrown in with the rest of the USA, it was only a matter of time before “Diversity + Proximity = War” was going to pop up. California was simply more of that same mix.

Couple that with the newly freed slaves after the War, and we had a mix of nations and races that were intermingling. The USA held it together by acknowledging that races and nations did exist and they were not equal. Those British-descended folks had the power, and they kept the others relegated to an inferior position, and segregation was the method used to keep the peace. Refer to the addition problem above. Remove the “proximity” and you can avoid the “war” part.

Then came the Civil Rights movement, which destroyed segregation, which was the only thing keeping the country from flying apart. Just as that began to tear apart the societal fabric, Teddy Kennedy and his buddies thrust the Hart-Cellar Act on us, opening the doors to Third World immigrants, and we no longer had only Europeans, Mestizos, Blacks, and some Chinese (who were considered on par with the Blacks), but people from every nook and cranny across the whole world.

Diversity became a joke, and every other person was “diverse.” Yet all of these people were told that if they came here and said the right things and paid the right fees, they could also be Americans.

That is not how this works. That is not how any of this works.

These people are not Americans. They might have the official paperwork, but that does not mean they they have the slightest idea what it means to be an American.

Folks, the United States of America has been dead for at least 35 years. Maybe longer.

Those of us who still feel the patriotic tug on our hearts are pining for a country that no longer exists. Our nostalgia is trumping our reasoning ability on that point.

What can be done? If you mean, “how do we save the United States?” then the answer is nothing. It is as dead as a doornail. Bury it and move on.

If you mean, “so what do we do now?” then I would suggest that we recognize reality for what it is. Acknowledge that America is gone, do whatever mourning you require, and then find the best ways to reorganize society.

I would suggest the following, though it is hardly a comprehensive list:

  1. It is time to bring back secession. Not just North and South, as in the last time that was tried, but there will be numerous secessions that need to take place. Some might be city-states gaining freedom from the surrounding states. I would see NYC and NY State becoming two entities (and everyone in both happier for it). The same for Chicago and Illinois, Atlanta and Georgia, Austin and Texas, etc. We will also have homogeneous regions that form new countries. There is no need for violence here. We can all agree to break up peacefully. Or, we on the Right can kick your ass and take what we want. Your choice.
  2. People groups need to congregate. Face it, you might have to move. You may live in a predominantly “different” area than the one to which you naturally belong. If you are of European extraction, you might not fit into the Rio Grande Valley. Likewise, if you are of African extraction, you might no longer be able to stay in rural Oklahoma. Yes, there may be some “mixed areas,” but I would suggest that those will be exceptions, not the rule. Those homogeneous regions mentioned above will be filled with people of the same general ethnic/racial extraction.
  3. Build up the family structure. These new regions all need to encourage and support the building of families. If there is an anti-family policy, then it needs to be repealed. If we cannot build families, then there is no hope.

Those are my initial suggestions. I know there are more things that need to be considered, but this has gone on long enough for now. We can come back in a Part 2 for some additional thoughts.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. I agree. But, I don’t think lefties are going to voluntarily leave the Heritage America areas. Lefties move in, and the first thing they do is start changing laws.

  2. If we are an ethnic nation, what’s the ethnicity?
    If we are a “proposition nation,” what’s the proposition (the declaration? the constitution? something else, like diversity? And when did we vote on or adopt that proposition?), when do people formally declare for it (or not), and how do we get rid of those born here who openly oppose it?

    • I would say we are NOT an ethnic nation (referring to USA). We are a country built upon and by many different ethnicities. I do not think there can be any such thing as a proposition nation that can last. I think it is simply time to break up into multiple nations/countries.

      Who decides who stays and who goes? That would be up to the people in each nation to decide.

  3. Liberals took control by manipulating the ladies’ vote. You’re too focused on race and not enough on gender in my opinion. As proof, look to Europe … they face the same degeneration of culture as the USA (if not worse) and it all began with the “liberation” of women. Analyze 1930s Wiemar Germany and what led up to WW2. Things started degenerating quickly there … right after they gave women the right to vote.

  4. I think its important that us men of the west start coming together in a way that is not initially visible or worrying to the leftists currently in control. Not out of fear but because the beginning of the sort of new nations we are seeking to create are fragile and we need time to strengthen them to the point the enemy can no longer stop us. We don’t have the luxury of an ocean between us and our oppressors like the American fathers did, so I think we need to be more clandestine at the beginning.

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