Let's Invite the Afrikaners Over – part 2

December 6, 2016
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In the first installment here, we gave a quick overview of the situation in Africa and proposed that the United States provide sanctuary to White South Africans. In this next article, we will give a more in-depth analysis of the current status of these folks and explain why it is so important that we offer them a chance to immigrate.
To highlight the importance of this option, consider South Africa’s celebrated author, J.M. Coetzee, who received the Nobel Prize in literature for his novel Disgraced, which recounts a farm invasion and rape of one of the major characters. The victim was white; the attackers were black. A couple of years after the publication of this novel, Coetzee immigrated to Australia, citing the South African lack of response to crime and violence as a factor. Don’t miss the fact that Coetzee is a liberal college professor, who advocated for the end of Apartheid. The cultural situation became so bad in South Africa that he left. Unfortunately, most Afrikaners are not afforded that opportunity at the present time, though the situation is dire.
Even the leftist BBC has reported that “Working-class white people, most of them Afrikaans-speakers, are going through an intense crisis.” This same article describes a squatter camp, inhabited by dispossessed Afrikaners:

There are broken-down cars and bits of discarded furniture everywhere. Beyond the wooden shacks lie ditches and pools of dirty, stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. Two basic toilets serve the whole camp.
…there could be as many as 400,000 poor whites in conditions like these.
[This camp] has no water and no electricity. The inhabitants live on two hand-out meals of maize porridge a day, which is provided by local volunteers. There is no social security for them…
Virtually every week the press here report the murders of white farmers, though you will not hear much about it in the media outside South Africa.
In South Africa you are twice as likely to be murdered if you are a white farmer than if you are a police officer – and the police here have a particularly dangerous life. The killings of farmers are often particularly brutal.

Squatter Camp

Another article describes a different squatter camp, which is built on the site of an old dumping ground and is home to around 300 people, of which a quarter are children.

Those living here survive on around 700 rand ($50) a month… there is very basic sanitation, and no running water apart from a couple of standpipes, no secure structures, no electricity and little food.
Houses are typically built with bare earth floors, but frequent floods wash away the topsoil and leave decades-old waste exposed.
Hospitals refuse residents care and those living at the camp are regularly rebuffed by potential employers at job interviews…the children might never leave this level of poverty and will remain living in this situation for the rest of their lives.

Another source points out that 20% of White South Africans live in poverty, with nearly 19 million acres of land having been stolen from them and “redistributed” to non-Whites. One South African political party is even calling for a “Zimbabwe-style” land grab of more White-owned land.  Adding insult to injury, Ilana Mercer reports, in her book Into the Cannibal’s Pot, “that there is not one instance of a successful land handover in the entire country” (p. 90). Even worse, the Afrikaners, who tend to be very strong Christians, are being persecuted for espousing Christian virtues, especially with regards to childrearing and traditional marriage.
National Review reports that When apartheid ended, the life expectancy in South Africa was 64 — the same as in Turkey and Russia. Now it’s 56, the same as in Somalia. There are 132.4 rapes per 100,000 people per year, which is by far the highest in the world: Botswana is in second with 93, Sweden in third with 64; no other country exceeds 32. According to Genocide Watch, the murder rate among South African white farmers is four times higher than among South Africans en masse.
Mercer puts some names to these tragedies in her book: Stephanus (Doppie) Cilliers – hog tied, tortured, strangled, and shot. David Greig – killed in his kitchen, the same spot where his mother was shot and killed 13 years earlier. Greig’s wife, Jeanette, assaulted and stabbed, but survived, with hearing loss and permanent trauma. Helene Potgieter – told that her attacker would “give you aids.” Dr. Meyerm – shot, execution-style, in front of his wife and baby son, after being kidnapped from the family farm. Elderly widow, Saar Holtzhauzen – throat slit. The list could go on and on (p. 244-245).
Into the Cannibal’s Pot makes the claim that nearly 10% of Afrikaner farmers have been killed in the past two decades – though this book is already five years old, and the numbers are a bit out of date, it does not diminish the urgency of the situation, but highlights it (p. 5). Mercer goes on to report that, as of 2011, there was a trickle of Afrikaner farmers who had petitioned the US for asylum on the grounds of racial persecution, but almost all had been denied (p. 243).
Some of my South African contacts report the following about the current situation. Note that these are not official government statistics or analysis. These are simply reports from people who are living through this.
Regarding the danger of ongoing revolts:

With “service delivery” protests all over the place. My road to work being far more often interrupted than 22 yrs ago. Opposition parties claiming to take control “through the barrel of the gun.” There are very few streets in South Africa where I feel comfortable walking alone after dark. This is not the case in Ghana and Uganda where you are really by and large free to walk everywhere. For South Africans the situation is now far worse than 94.

Speaking of the change since the ANC took control of the government in 1994:

Elements were better and unfortunately we did not make more things better, but some things actually worse. Also interesting to note the exodus of qualified people since ’94. … If everything is so much better, why do you think that is?
…South Africa is different from other countries and unfortunately in many respects has more in common with Germany in the 1930’s than South Africa in 1994. Especially disconcerting is the direction the country has taken because the trajectory is in the wrong direction. During the Eighties and early Nineties, I saw the environment continuously improving. We became freer every year. The government played a decreasing role in our lives and a general optimism gripped the nation. I learned then that the direction a country has taken is actually more important than the actual de facto position it might find itself in at the time. And since the late Nineties, South Africa has been on a deteriorating path.
We have a government more interested in enriching themselves, than improving the standard of living of the population and the plight of the poor and unemployed. What they opted to do was short term welfare increases, while looting billions and destroying the parastatals and civil service in the process. Their shortsightedness led to a steady loss of support and, therefore, they had to find a scapegoat, and who better than the “evil white” minority. Everything from poverty to failing rural schools are being blamed on “whites”. President Zuma goes so far as singing songs about “shooting the boer (farmer)”.
The net impact of this vilification is that we now have such a high murder rate of white farmers and their families in South Africa that it is a far more dangerous occupation than being an American serviceman in the Middle East.
But not only farmers and their families are being slaughtered. A week ago a man my age went camping with his family, and while he was preparing food, 4 “men” assaulted him with a shovel, and while while he was unconscious, terrorized his family, held a feast on their food and drink, and then afterward killed him in front of his wife and children while he remained unconscious. He held no threat to anybody, yet the young family is now left without their father, husband and breadwinner.
…What does it help that you live in a beautiful country with near perfect weather, if you cannot take your family outside without fear of attack? The terrorising one experiences now is far more real and immediate than the theoretical terrorist threat we faced from the ANC when they were officially engaged in a terror campaign against the South African state before 1994.
One is also left saddened by the realisation that one can see such deterioration in a single lifetime. Growing up 5 km from where I live now, children had free reign of the town, we had no burglar bars, no high walls, no dog and no burglaries. A mere thirty years later, and we now need burglar bars, armed response security, 8 ft walls, dogs, fire-arms, and we still do not feel safe.
In addition to this toxic environment, we also find ourselves facing massive race-based economic discrimination from a race-obsessed government. The discrimination against whites is particularly bad in the government and parastatal sectors, but they also impose harsh penalties and laws against the free and unhindered employment of whites in the private sector. All of this against the backdrop of the government’s so-called Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) policies, but in reality it really actually boils down to Biased Black Buddy Enrichment through Extortion.
And of course, when the inevitable negative impact on the economy becomes obvious, unsurprisingly the whites are blamed for it again.

He then goes on to make this plea:

…sadly, just as [Whites] are unwelcome in South Africa even after 10 to 15 generations, they are also not welcome in the countries whence their forebears came. Primarily Netherlands, France and Germany, but also Belgium, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Portugal, etc. And yet everybody is supposed to be pro “immigration”, especially on the left. But in reality it seems that the only “refugees welcome” seem to be for unassimilable and uneducated people who pose a security threat.
We frequently hear about the African Diaspora, but is it not time to start looking seriously at the European diaspora as well? Those whites who are most at risk descend from people who had little say in doing the bidding of the European powers during the age of colonial expansion. The heirs of those [former colonial] states needs to recognise their moral obligation to these people [White South Africans] and should seize the opportunity to help, rather than to continue ignoring Afrikaners, in some sort of pseudo-atonement for their own perceived historical sins.

Another South African relates this tragic story [Editor’s Note: this is a heartbreaking story, and not for the faint of heart, but it needs to be told far and wide]:

imageThis is Willemien Potgieter. On this day, exactly five years ago [six years now], she, together with her father and mother were attacked on their farm near Lindley in the Free State. Attie Potgieter was stabbed 151 with a garden fork and other gardening equipment while his wife, Wilma and little Willemien had to witness. His body was left with the fork still in his throat. Thereafter, Willemien (2), who was standing next to his body, her little feet covered in her father’s blood, was picked up and carried to the storeroom. There she was shot in the head and thrown in a box. Wilna, having witnessed the murders of her husband and her little girl, was then dragged into the house and “executed” with a gunshot to the neck. I am sure that by that time, she was praying to be murdered as well.

On that day, immediately after the murders were committed, even before anyone had known, I remember participating in a debate about imperialism. I made the statement that it is senseless to discuss issues such as imperialism in other African countries, while we have much bigger problems to deal with, such as the senseless murders committed against our food providers [White Farmers]. A representative of the ANCYL, now a member of parliament for the EFF, responded, saying that we should not be talking about farm murders. Instead, she said, we need to ask ourselves: “What are they doing on those farms in the first place?”

I remember seeing this picture on the newspaper two days later and how much pain and sorrow I felt simply by reading this story, even though I didn’t have children at the time. I remember attending the court proceedings of the people who were eventually found guilty of these attacks. I remember how they mocked the crowd of horrified family members from the back of the police van. But most importantly, I remember how the South African government, and the ruling ANC responded to the news. Both the Police and the ANC had lashed out against farm murders, stating that it had gone too far and that something had to be done to stop this scourge of violence.

Here we are today. Five years have passed, and since then, hundreds of farmers have been murdered – many of them tortured in the most inhumane ways imaginable. But from within the ranks of the South African government, absolutely nothing has been done.

That is why we cannot simply sit back and wait for the South African government to stop this scourge. They will not, because they don’t care. We don’t need to take the law into our own hands, but we do need to do more to look after our own safety and the safety of our communities. On the other hand, we need to do more to inform the international community about the reality of farm murders in South Africa. If we need to create international embarrassment for the South African government as a result of their no-care attitude, then so be it.

Willemien would have finished grade two by now. She would have been old enough to ride a bicycle on her own and to have sleepovers with her friends. In a normal country, she would have been old enough to play outside on her own. She probably would have had a baby brother or sister, and I am convinced that she would have been filled with joy and excitement about the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.

But this was not to be. Perhaps we can still honor her memory by remembering her name, by looking after ourselves and by stepping up the fight to have farm murders declared and treated as a priority crime in South Africa.

This is a human right’s disaster. This is why we must offer these Afrikaners refuge in the United States. They adhere to Western standards in their lives, both religiously and culturally. Not only would they benefit from a new setting amongst like-minded folks, they would improve their new home. Mercer points out that these Afrikaners are some of the world’s best farmers, even with all of their current obstacles. “These are just the kind of men…whom America, once a frontier nation, needs on its road to ‘financial sobriety'” (p. 250). This is a win-win situation. The Afrikaners would receive a new lease on life, and they would provide America with a much-needed infusion of Men of the West.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


    • Our blood should boil. It is a horrible thing. Then we should work to do something about it.
      Don’t worry. There is more to come on this topic here.

  1. Yes, let’s bring them home. I know several whites from SA and they are smart, industrious, and hard working. They would be producers, and not consumers only.

  2. Thank you for this article. As an Afrikaner I am very impressed with the depth of insight on display here and my hope is that the new US administration would take this humanitarian crisis seriously…

  3. Incidentally, little Willemien “Mina” Potgieter has a pink ribbon in her hair on the day of her murder. How can any human being murder a little 2-year old girl complete with ribbon in the hair. Putting a bullet through her her head?!?!
    Shockingly enough, the murderous posse was recruited in a shebeen (speakeasy) in the local township (ghetto). Where were the informers? Imagine you try and organise an anti government terror group in speakeasy or pub…. You would be locked up before you get home.
    But these murders have the tacit (and sometimes overt) support of our government

  4. I sympathize with these people’s plight and agree we should help them. I also agree their lack of support shows the hypocrisy of the Left here in the US. However, I have an honest question: Any chance these white South Africans will support the foolish, politically-correct, anti-racist attitudes in the US that the Left loves so much? I presume these people are descended from the same who voted for the very policies that got them into the mess they are in. At the risk of sounding harsh, Did they learn from their situation or will they just make the US more like South Africa?

    • I can only speak for myself. I grew up liking Ronald Reagan and more recently I “supported” Ron Paul, inasmuch as a foreigner supporting Ron Paul could make a difference. Oh, and I got a sadistic smile on my face when Donald Trump won the election and the girly men and their ugly friends-who-are-girls collectively peed themselves in horror.
      As a rule, we are very much natural libertarians. Or at least republicans. Just like America, we also fought wars of independence against the British empire. We won the first, but sadly lost the second.

  5. I understand your concern Aaron, but the whites in South Africa were not bleeding heart SJW’s for agreeing (in the early Nineties) to a negotiated solution. We made up less than 10% of the population (and had lower population growth rates) with the whole world against us. Even WWII allies like the US and UK have introduced sanctions.
    We did not want to see everything built up over 350 years destroyed, but after the Berlin wall came down and the Cold War ended old style Communism became less of a threat and the strategic importance of SA for the West declined simultaneously.
    South Africa basic became an anachronism in the post Colonial, post Civil Rights world and it was clear that a new road had to be taken. What we wanted was a better and freer future, but what we got from the lame Nats was a corrupt socialist kakistocracy. Of course the race obsessed power hungry statist Nats then joined the race obsessed power hungry statist ANC in a ruling cabal.
    The vast majority of Afrikaners are common sense, hard working Christian conservatives. More akin to socially conservative libertarians than liberals.

    • Thank you, Jaco Strauss, for your reply. I appreciate the background info. From what you’ve said, we could certainly use more people like them in the US. I’m sorry to hear about how the US pressured South Africa into something that hasn’t worked out so well.
      Perhaps you can answer another question I had, this one about South Africa’s history. Is it true that the black Africans currently in the country are descendants of people who arrived in the country after the Dutch arrived?

      • I will let Jaco (or another South African) answer definitively, but I do believe that is correct. South Africa region was pretty sparsely populated before colonization.

      • Well, it is a little more complex than that Aaron.
        First off , no country such as “South Africa” existed in 1652 when the Dutch founded the settlement at the Cape of Good Hope. The locals whom the Dutch encountered were also not black Africans, but a completely different (and older) peoples, the Khoikhoi, San (also called Khoisan or Bushmen).
        The white settlers first encounters black tribes more than a century later and a thousand miles to the east of the Cape
        It is interesting to note that the Zulu nation did not even exist at the time. They only got forged as a major tribe by Shaka Zulu on the East Coast of Southern Africa during the early Nineteenth Century. The Afrikaners only encountered them during the Great Trek in the mid Nineteenth Century.
        When exactly the Bantu tribes arrived in Southern Africa is not 100% certain as they did not have a written language with which to document their history. They did migrate down from the Great Lakes region and displaced the indigenous inhabitants. They probably arrived in the North of what is now South Africa around the same time as the Dutch arrived in what is now the South West of the same country.

  6. How do we help the Afrikaner escape? You said more is to come, I hope that there is a road map to help these people, the story of the little girl Willemien Potgieter makes me very angry.

    • Well, I replied to your comment earlier this morning, but must have not submitted it….so here goes again.
      There will be more installments. Some of the content to this point has been very emotionally charged, as it is an emotional situation. We do have some general suggestions for what should be done (or at least offered), but since any sort of resettlement/immigration by necessity involves governmental action, there is a limit on the specifics that we can do alone.
      So, we will develop this more, continue to highlight the precarious situation, and offer some common sense options.
      The goal is two-fold: 1. To raise awareness of the plight of Afrikaners (and tangentially, the white farmers of Zimbabwe), and hopefully that can lead to some beneficial change in Africa; 2. Push for Western governments (especially the USA) to open the door for immigration to these folks.

      • Thank you for the reply. As I see it, one of the hurdles that our movement (Alt-Right or whatever we end up calling it) faces is that we have allowed ourselves to be politically lazy, the Left has been practicing activism while we put together impressive “think tanks”. My point is, that as a working man I usually don’t take the time to think like that, but as I have grown in awareness so has my willingness to focus on doing my part to help, this post moved me deeply, I NEVER comment. I hope there is a way for me to help.

  7. We have huge problems on the way in SA. Its becoming a real big problem even in the most quiet part of South Africa (most southern tip of Africa) i live not to far from Jaco +-180km from Cape Town We had a woman raped and beaten. Her throught was cut on a farm 2km outside Napier (western cape) body was found five days later. You can guess what color they were. Ex farmers wife was stabbed in the face by a 2 youths one week ago. I had the youth locked up for theft. 1 month later he was back on the street. These stories didnt even make the news. 6 months ago another farm attack and the farmer lost his life. Cant find the people who did it. We have wonderfull laws that is protecting criminals. My kids do not have a future in SA. But we have very little choice were we can immigrate to. If the US opens its borders to white Afrikaners it will be a racial thing of note. I say give the whites and colored people the western cape and they can have the rest of South Africa and we will make it work and become a great nation again.

    • Willem, thank you for sharing your experiences. On this topic, if you have more to say, I would love to hear it. If you prefer to do so via email, we can make that work. Just let me know here. You dont’ have to publicly post your email, if you don’t want. I know it is used to log into the site to post comments, and I can go look it up there, if needed.

  8. Theophrastus,
    My thanks to you as a white South African, for taking an interest in our case, and lifting a banner for our cause.
    May God, the Elohim, bless you.

    • Thanks Marellus. As I mentioned to Willem, if you have anything you think should be addressed in these articles, or have something to add, let me know. We can talk via email, if you would prefer. I can find it in the log in stuff from when you registered to post comments.

      • Keep us in your prayers Thracymachus. And when South Africa goes up in flames like Rwanda, send food and medicine.
        My thanks.

  9. Lord have mercy. And we get the Somalians, Ethiopians, and other West African detritus,
    Do the white S. Africans even try to apply for emigration to the US?

    • I will second the warning. The first link Marellus provides is disturbing and not for those with a weak stomach. It does have some tragic and powerful images, though.
      Thank you for sharing. We are doing our best here to offer what support, help, and encouragement we can. Others who read this article and the comments might consider sharing a link to it on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, and/or any other social media sites you use. Let’s get this message spreading.

  10. Why would anyone murder a little girl and her family? What is wrong with these people? Is it that they really believe in “collective guilt” and that every Dutch white person is guilty for the sins of colonialism? In other words twist idea of “revenge”?

    • Right. There is no justification; those people (doing the killing/attacks) are animals. Make sure you visit the most recent Afrikaner post, and go sign the petition.

  11. I just don’t think they WANT to go.
    They live in conclaves, are heavily-armed.
    I’d much rather them immigrate to Texas, and help BUILD The Wall.

    • Well, we have contact with many of them who have stated explicitly that they would move here in a heartbeat, if they had the chance.

  12. Well, I just don’t know what to tell them to do.
    Pool their money, hire some slick lawyer who can lobby for them in the US?
    Have they tried?
    Hell, call Sean Hannity (not that I like the guy, but, he can raise a stink, especially with all the pics)….get him to highlight their plight.

        • But, as you said, it appears it won’t happen.
          Are the Afrikaners even aware on this petition? You said you know some folks.
          Sometimes, people seem to get so complacent, they just lay down and die.

          • You can see in the above comments that many Afrikaners are aware of our efforts. The petition was shared with them, and it got passed around in various Afrikaner groups, etc. The problem is that the only acceptable signatures on the petition are US Citizens. So the Afrikaners can share it, etc., but not actually sign it themselves.

  13. they are boiling Afrikaners in large kettles as we speak. Naked Bantu and kaffirs are dancing about waving bones and rags. There is a video on youtube but they keep takign it down.

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