Madness, Not Medicine

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Editor’s Note: Our buddy, Darrel Sipes, shares a recent letter to the editor that he penned.

One thing that wise people have been saying the last 14 months is that the restrictions and “new normal” are not just dumb.  They go against everything proven true over the long run of history, civilization, etc…  we’ve said how OSHA has always said wearing masks is bad for you and will make you sick, we’ve said sacrificing physical and mental health of all to pretend to help people is madness.  We’ve said this with no apologies to what others say, as they are timeless, standard “common sensical” wise things to say.  But i found another example in an article by Janelle Ringer for Loma Linda University entitled: Laughter: A fool-proof prescription.  The pre-covid article is about how laughter has been proven to be great medicine!  And those who know the Bible or old sayings will already agree with that.  The interesting thing is that in a scholarly essay sometimes one finds the wisdom in the portions that do not show a “source” at the bottom.  I.e. they are so obvious that no proof is needed or given.  The first paragraph says this without source: 
“Laughter has a huge impact on both mental and physical health, and is possibly the cheapest medicine available, aside from fresh air, sunshine or exercise.”
 Those of us who are wise fought hard against “medicine” that told people to stay away from gyms and sports and breathe in your own exhalations, and stay inside, don’t go to comedy clubs, etc… it was MADNESS not medicine.

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.

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