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Editor’s Note: As we near the election, we asked our contributors to share their predictions for Tuesday. Not only did our in-house writers offer their thoughts, but some of our regular (and non-regular) Guest Authors joined in. Come back on Wed to see who was most accurate.

Specifically, I asked each contributor to tell me the following. What comes after is each prediction, exactly as it was given to me.
1. Who wins (Prez)
2. Popular Vote total (Prez)
3. Electoral Votes
4. How the senate plays out: 52R to 48D, or whatever you think.
5. Do the R’s win back the house. By how many, or how many short?
6. Any observations in general.

Donner Schwanze

1. Who wins: Trump
2. Popular Vote total: Trump
3. Electoral Votes: 345 to 193
4. How the senate plays out: 60R to 40D
5. Do the R’s win back the house. Yes, by 20 seats
6. Any observations in general. Democrats claim voter fraud, refusing to believe they lost, goes to Supreme Court, Court rules in favor of Trump, Democrats still refuse to concede, NE coast and West coast file articles of secession.

Charles Martel


Image may contain: text that says 'Biden 218 320 WA 12 Trump OR MT 3 ID 4 ND 3 MN 10 WY 3 SD 3 ME NV 6 WI 10 CA 55 UT 6 MI 16 NE IA NY 29 co 9 PA 20 20 IN 11 oH 18 KS 6 AZ 11 MO 10 WV MA NM 5 VA KY OK 7 RI TN AR 6 7 CT NC 15 AK 14 TX 38 SC 9 MS 6 AL 9 DE GA 16 10 3 DC 270 EWIN FL 29'


Image may contain: text that says 'Democrats 46 2 33 no 2020 election 11 24 54 WA Republicans no 2020 election 30 MT OR ND MN WY SD NV ME MI UT NE IA co PA IL IN oH KS MO AZ WV NM MA VA KY OK RI TN AR NC NJ AK DE SC TX MS AL GA S VP 270 SWIN'


Image may contain: text that says 'Democrats 221 United States 214 Republicans Full Size 270 SWIN'


1 Trump
2 Trump
3 322-214
4 Senate 53r 47d
5 Yes. barely.
6. The Dems use the election results to claim that Trump stole the election by not counting all the votes and voter suppression and claim that his next 4 years will be illegitimate. Its the new Russia.

Hugh Glass

1. Trump
2. Biden Cuz CA
3. 304 to 234
4. Senate +1 R
5. Doubt it. Dems hold +10
6. Every mainstream influencer, the social media companies, the press, is all leaning hard on the scale. Blatantly not trying to hide it. That will have to be dealt with eventually. The truth needs to win and it isn’t right now.

Flannel Avenger

1. Who wins (Prez): Trump
2. Popular Vote total (Prez): Trump at least 70M
3. Electoral Votes: Trump 285
4. How the senate plays out: Senate – Lose Collins, Doug Jones goes home. McSally loses because ghost of McCain. 52-48
5. Do the R’s win back the house. By how many, or how many short? R’s take back house by about 3. One RINO immediately defects.
6. Any observations in general. Polls are useless. COVID has made normal interaction impossible so nobody knows where anybody else is. The isolation is designed to demoralize us and leave us susceptible to the “you are all alone” attacks. After 8 months of relentless Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt banishing these assholes will be thoroughly satisfying.

Last Redoubt

For any predictions of what happens on election day, I’ve not followed the inside baseball of House and Senate races, or electoral votes in battleground states, to even give a numerical guess. I’ll stick to win/lose as there are already enough variables in play and little enough firm knowledge to make that a guess even now.

Insofar as who wins the presidential race, and who wins the popular vote total for said race: Trump. Conclusively. Unfortunately, not by as large a margin as we would like to quell violence.

I suspect that if Trump wins at all, that he will have even more electoral votes than lasts time.

I believe the Senate will not flip, but the Republicans do not gain any. That said, I’m less sure they’ll keep all the seats they have. Friends have pointed to, for example, the relatively massive spending on ads for Jamie Harris vs Lindsey Graham over in SC. Is he not trying because he doesn’t need to? When I drive through, the JH billboards are everywhere. I’m not sure the demographics have shifted enough most places to matter, but SC has seen some purple creep that may balance out the hidden Trump supporter effect.

Which brings me to – Congress will not significantly change, but I doubt the Republicans will lose seats. I could be entirely wrong – the places most saddled with Democrat politicians are also the worst affected by riots and lawlessness. That said, I already mentioned creep I’ve observed in nearby areas, more specifically Cunningham in Charleston claiming what had been a Republican seat during the interim elections. I know the same squishy women and “conservatives” who voted for the handsome moderate-talking Democrat – he’s not, read his policy statements – over anyone associating themselves with that “gauche and boorish” Trump have not changed their minds in significant proportions.

Why am I so vague?

First of all, the polls are useless. While a larger percentage of Biden supporters are heavily pro-mask/stay away from public spaces – unless it’s a BLM rally – I think the crowds showing up for Trump, to the point of liberals organizing a couple times to grab tickets to depress visible turnout, and the various parades, as well as reports from people I know of yard signage indicate significant enthusiasm for Trump. This is backed up by voter registration numbers per Wictor/Osweda, and initial voting results. I also personally know there is no enthusiasm for Biden among those I know who would normally vote Democrat, even if they dislike Trump and still believe against all evidence that Trump claimed COVID-19 was a hoax. If anything, there is even less for him than when we held our noses for McCain or Romney. You also have strong shows of support for Trump from communities the Democrats have assumed were effectively theirs – to the point where a number of black rappers have come out for Trump and against Biden. Finally, we have the reduced college vote.

Nevertheless, there is a core of the Left that will not vote for Trump because he’s “hateful and divisive”. The people I’ve spoken to, many of whom I’ve known for years, who support the democrats – even the ones who know I don’t – haven’t changed their minds on Trump, how hateful and intolerant he is, how important it is to oppose racism and hate, and so on. It’s like that Norm Macdonald joke about the tragedy of a dirty bomb attack by Muslims killing 50 million Americans being the backlash against “peaceful Muslims.”

That said, these people were never moderates, no matter what they think – walking NPC examples of the apocryphal “no-one I know voted for Nixon” crowd – they weren’t going to change, and would not have been a source for Trump votes no matter what.

So my own lying eyes, the rallies, voter registration, and early voting results show the polls are lies. So why am I not predicting a blowout?

Because I think it’s going to come down to how much voter fraud they can get away with vs how much they thought they needed to commit vs how much they usually commit vs how many people actually vote for sanity instead of chaos. I can’t get a feel for how much of what is happening in the postal service with lost ballots, and how much Veritas is uncovering, is a matter of seeing what was there vs an uptick. We also have states pushing for acceptance of late ballots, which will, of course, include those that just happen to be found.

Either way – I don’t think the side that loses will accept the results, because the odds of Biden getting a clean and conclusive win on election night without voter fraud being highlighted are slim to none. If he does win, and there’s concrete evidence of fraud, or the victory comes from late ballots, it’s almost certainly to be the result of cheating. Add to that the Left is laying the groundwork to accuse Trump of cheating even as they cannot point to video, sworn affidavits, and such like we can of people rigging votes, rigging search results, losing ballots, shredding ballots, instructing poll workers on how to avoid oversight, buying votes, collecting votes, and hectoring people into changing votes like we can.

Norm MacDonald source

and this….

Southern Agrarian

I don’t feel qualified to even hazard a guess as far as specific numbers in this election, so I hope this is useful to you without covering that.

Up until quite recently, I was afraid that there was a very real chance that the blind rage against Traditional America, with President Trump as the focal point, was leading to a very dark future for our people. The future is now looking considerably brighter, thanks to some serious self-inflicted wounds to the American Left, plus some other factors.

President Trump will win the Electoral College, and there is a high probability that he will also win the popular vote. The landslide victory some are predicting, however, just isn’t going to happen.
It is important to remember that Trump and Biden are seen as proxies: Trump for the traditional, “Norman Rockwell” vision of America embraced by Reagan, and Biden for the Leftist fantasy of “socialism-done-right-this-time”. In spite of the massive Big Tech and Media efforts on behalf of the Left, people can still see that Biden represents chaos, violence, and moral collapse.
As with most elections, voter turnout is what will decide who wins, and Trump has a huge advantage here. His supporters have enthusiasm, where Biden is completely uninspiring, and his pathetic rallies show it. While the Biden influence peddling scandal won’t cause people to switch from Biden to Trump, it will give a significant number of the anti-Tump people a reason to just stay home. All they need is the emotional comfort that comes from knowing that they didn’t vote for Trump.
A cautionary note regarding enthusiasm:Trump supporters are filled with enthusiasm, and enthusiasm matters, but it’s no guarantee. Much depends on understanding the mood of the country at the time. I was a Republican Convention Delegate in 1996. Pat Buchanan’s campaign was overflowing with enthusiasm – much like the Trump campaign of today. They were called “The Buchanan Brigade” because everywhere they went, they made sure that everyone knew it. They all wore the same shirts, and they would all chant “Go Pat Go!” as they marched through the convention hall. There was an energy around them that none of the other campaigns had. Despite all that, the thoroughly uninspiring Bob Dole was chosen as the Republican candidate. Only Steve Forbes outdid Dole when it came to lack of zeal. I’m not sure what the lesson is here other than the importance of not focusing on that which first grabs your attention.

Stephen Clay McGehee The Southern Agrarian (link:

P.G. Mantel

Donald J. Trump will win the electoral vote by landslide and the popular vote by a slender margin.

I’m not looking at the numbers, but at the impressive size and immense energy of Trump’s rallies. Contrast these to Joe Biden’s barely noticed appearances, attended — if that’s the word — by a handful of flunkies and reporters. Observe the difference between the unofficial demonstrations by voters on both sides, in particular the cheerful aggressiveness of the President’s supporters as they pursue and heckle their Democrat opponents. 

The Dems miscalculated badly by promoting communist rioting and the hateful COVID lockdowns. Both have made them repugnant to pretty much everyone but hardcore Blues, and the latter has suppressed their own voter turnout. They will steal this election if they can, but nothing in their behavior shows confidence of victory by any means.

Get ready for 4 more years of winning.

Brian Almon

1. Trump
2. Trump 71M, Biden 68M
3. Trump 316, Biden 222
4. GOP 52, Dems 48
5. No, but they come within 5 seats
6. Trump wins big on Election Night, but news media claims that mail-in votes will flip it. Social media bans anyone who claims victory for Trump. Riots start hot and grow bigger as people realize that Trump won. At least two Dem states play games with the Electoral College. In the end it cannot be stopped. However, there will be blood.

Image may contain: text that says 'Biden 222 183 39 129 WA 12 316 Trump 187 MT OR ND MN 10 WY NV 6 CA 55 UT NE NY 29 co PA 20 IN 20 oH 18 AZ MO 10 wV NM 11 MA RI OK 13 AR MS TX 38 AL GA 16 DE 10 MD DC 270 SWIN f Share Share or Embed your map: Select 'Share Map' button above. Tweet Pin Share Email'


1. Who wins (Prez) – DJT, in a landslide
2. Popular Vote total – DJT 74M, Biden 70M
3. Electoral Votes DJT 404 – 134 (I am being conservative)
4. How the senate plays out: 54R to 46D
5. Do the R’s win back the house. Yes, R have a 7 seat advantage
6. I think that the 404 electoral votes is totally reasonable, and I would not be surprised if Trump did not win a couple of surprises. I mean states that you would never think would even be in play. Those that are considered “battleground” states are not going to even be close. This race will be called on election night.

Adam Piggott

When The Men of the West asked me to put together my thoughts on the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election, I was flattered at the thought that my opinions mattered. Then they told me that I am playing the role of the token dusky foreigner whose peculiar predilections and curious viewpoints provide mirth and hilarity for the few remaining native born and corn fed Americans, which made me even more happy as it means that I am special due to the peculiarities of my birth. This election is crucial not just for America, or even that continent, but for the entire world. This is due to the Pax Americana Empire that has encompassed the globe since the end of the Second World War in an effort to promote “democracy” to the unwilling foreign masses. As an Australian, my country threw in its long standing allegiance to the British Empire in 1942 when things were getting tricky with the Japs. Things look even trickier these days with the Chinks so once again we are looking to Uncle Sam to throw a protective and costly defence umbrella around us so we can continue to spend money on important stuff like replacing our own population with the same Chinks. You know it makes sense.

Anyway, here are my predictions for the upcoming US presidential election.

Trump will win and win handily. I reckon he might even garner 49 states. Who gives a crap about the popular vote; the only vote that counts is the electoral vote. As for the Senate and the House, I have no clue as I am not an expert on those matters. But what I will say is that the Democrats have been doing their very best to field candidates who when they grimace cause even seasoned dentists to reel in horror. Likewise, even the average citizen must be somewhat aware by now that the media is an out of control behemoth staffed by lunatic SJW androids whose overriding concern is to call everyone a racist Hitler Nazi who even looks like disagreeing with them. As such, perhaps this will cause a general awakening from their oversized beanbags before their giant sized televisions.

The Democrats seem to have given up on this election result in a conventional sense. All of their efforts have been geared to disputing the outcome in a non-conventional manner. By that I mean rioting in the streets and attempting to overthrow the government. Consider the events of the past summer to be their attempt at homing their tactics and gauging popular support for their revolutionary intent. What better way to overcome those sticky constitution points than by burning the whole lot down and starting again. On Wednesday the nation votes but the entire election campaign and the day itself have just been a sideline to what is looming as the main event. And never before in the history of the world has a country possessing a nuclear arsenal gone down the road of complete civil war. 

Granny (From “Granny Explains Shit”)

The run up to this election is absolutely astonishing. Miles and miles of flag bedecked, Trump vehicle parades and boat parades all over the nation in communities large and small. The Trump campaign did not organize this. This is just ordinary American patriots getting together and putting on rallies in all 50 states. Trump is barnstorming the country, attracting massive crowds, sometimes visiting 4 states in a single day. I have been following Presidential elections for almost 40 years and the level of enthusiasm and love for President Trump is something I have never seen before. Hell, I’ve never even heard of anything like it before. 
Trump will win and with this kind of motivated voter, no one knows just how big the Trumpslide will be. How easy is it to tell Trump will win? Here is a map of the worst case scenario for Trump Tuesday evening. Trump can lose every one of the former blue wall states but one and still win. Biden has to run the table and win them all. They may steal a state here or there because of obvious fraud, but there is no way they will be able to pull off a steal so large he loses. 

Here is the map I think is most likely when all the dust settles. 

Trump will probably win Nevada, but the Democrat machine in Vegas will likely steal this one from the Trump column. If Trump gets Nevada, he may very well get New Mexico. It is even likely that in that case, we will start to see a couple of lean Biden states suddenly be in question. If the news anchors don’t call Virginia and Colorado fairly early in the night, look out. It is going to be an absolute bloody massacre. 
The only question going into election night is how big a win does Trump put on the scoreboard, because he is doing his dead level best to blow Biden away. It is likely the Trump vote is going to be so overwhelming, all the plans to hold out calling states, tie everything up in the courts, blue state shenanigans will be for nought as the overwhelming number of Trump voters crash like a gigantic red tsunami from sea to shining sea. 
It may take a couple of days to sort out as the liberal machines flail and scream as they realize they just cannot steal this one, but the bottom line is this. We Win. They lose.   

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. 1) Trump
    2) Trump (50.3%)
    3) GOP 54/46
    4) Dems lose ground but hold House (this is where their voter fraud pays off
    5) afterwards more of the same. Prosecution of the leftist globopedo cabalites would be a game changer, but I will believe that when is see them in orange jumpsuits. Trump, though, has to realize that if he doesn’t accomplish this, his family will be killed (jailed if they are lucky) after he leaves office in 2025. Those are the stakes for him.

  2. What if the non-voters in this American election were assigned a “No Confidence” candidate for each seat they could vote for?

    And so follows my predictions:

    1. “No Confidence” wins the Presidency
    2. 74% share of the total “vote”
    3. 485 electors
    4. The civil service at national, state, and local levels has to take over the government by default (with echoes of Belgium)
    5. New general elections put every seat up for grabs, not just “R” and “D”, and eventually you’d get a government you could believe in (or anarcho-capitalism)
    6. Few of you will sack up to thinking this is a good idea because you’re used to playing rigged games for rigged prizes.

    Mark Twain would love it: finally the people would be free of their fears for a while of what the Legislature could do while it’s in session.

    But what do I know, I’m just a crackpot “foreigner” who holds US citizenship.

    • If if’s and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

      Thanks for the LOLibertarian take though. Scream at clouds next time. It will be more useful.

  3. Some of the background I wrote up at under predictions and gaslighting.
    using this tool I think is likely, pre-fraud:
    Trump in a landslide, with popular vote too, over 70 mil. Post-fraud total is hard to say because teh Dems have ramped it all up to 11, but they also have a lot of stupid voters sanitizing their ballots and spoiling them, forgetting them, there is a lot of just plain old government incompetence, but I’d say at least 315 after the dust settles. If the Q-op has things locked down on the fraud front, then while Post-Alley Crackpot might be a tad optimistic, Donner isn’t.
    Senate – a bit of jostling, but no big changes until the arrests happen post-election. Then both sides will need to call in replacement players from the bench. Of course, the farm-teams in the states will be hit by the arrests, too, so no bets on details there.
    House – too many variables. Gut says Dems keep it, again until the arrests. Then it’s musical chairs for a while.
    General: post election violence in Dem strongholds, but it will be selectively hit hard with federal arrests, and the message will be sent.

    And get a system with some good bass, crank it up, and play this one:

  4. As an Aussie, watching nervously from the sidelines, the only prediction I’m comfortable making is that there will be violence, regardless of the outcome. If Bidem (aka Harros) wins, legitimately or otherwise, I expect “cancel-culture” to metastise into a full-blown pogrom against anyone and everyone who supported Trump or simply disagreed with the Left. If Trump wins, I expect BLM, Antifa and all the other Leftist lunatics to go on a rampage that will make their previous efforts look like a toddler throwing a tantrum in the confectionery asile at Woolies.

    • This may well happen, but remember that if the left does any real violence, when they lose, it will be in leftist areas. They burn down their own cities. If they try to bring it out to the areas where normal people live….they don’t usually live long enough to cause much damage.

  5. I write this Thursday morning at work. What else can be said? Yes there was massive electoral fraud ( but there always is. Electoral fraud, like the KKK and slavery, is a Democratic institution.)

    But fraud in and of itself cannot explain Trump’s defeat. The popular vote (while Constitutionally irrelevant) had about the same numbers as 2016. The people who voted for Hillary and the socialist workers paradise were NEVER going to vote for Trump, no matter how good the economy was or how much peace he brought to the Middle East.

    Oh well. What does it matter anymore. The coming Civil War will probably kill us all anyway.

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