MOTW Rejects Faux News

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Like many of you, most of us here at MOTW came to appreciate Fox News over the years, giving us a different perspective than the other MSM options. Of course, in recent years, especially since the #metoo and cancel culture phenomena picked up steam, Fox News has been drifting away from where it once was. Yes, there are reasons for it (children rarely continue on the path their parents blaze, for example), but really, does it matter why? Not really.

When the network went full blown SJW on election night, many of us turned them off. I have not been on their channel, nor their website since that evening. I do not plan to return. So what’s an American Nationalist to do? Here are a couple of options:

  1. Newsmax.

Newsmax has both a website and a television channel. You can search for it on your cable or satellite provider. If it is not available on your local options, you should contact your provider and request that they add it. Until then, Newsmax makes it easy – they live stream on You Tube. Here you go.

2. One America News Network.

They also have both a television channel and a website. They do not have the You Tube live presence (that I have found), but they are available on various cable and satellite providers. Look for them.

3. Real America’s Voice.

After publishing this a couple of days ago, I came across this third option. So far, they are mostly online, but for most of you, that is fine. They can be found on Dish, Pluto, Roku, and a few other options for television.

Both All three of these options are good. They tend to be pro-American and fair. We recommend both all three.

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