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As the globalists panopticon machine continues to be built and used against anyone with a dissenting opinions, there are a number of companies that are coming to the forefront of this battle.

But not in a good way.

The big company I’m going to address in this post is Mozilla.

Mozilla used to be a great company that built, among other things, a solid web browser called Firefox. They still build that browser, even though it’s around 12% of the marketshare. The company is not trustworthy because they are infested with SJWs. 

  1. Driving out Brendan Eich. This was the biggest visible show of the rot inside Mozilla. The sin? Eich had supported California Proposition 8 with his own money. The gaystappo went crazy, braying for his head until he tossed in the towel. What’s the big deal? Eich, for better or worse, created Javascript and was the co-founder of Mozilla. His technical accomplishments meant nothing because of his wrongthink.
  2. Firefox is developed by the Mozilla Corporation which is owned by the Mozilla Foundation. While the Foundation is a non-profit organization, Mozilla Coporation is not. They exist to make money. Since they are not selling their browser but giving it away, you’d expect their intake be to on the low side. In 2016 they pulled in $500 million dollars.
  3. With their bags of money, Mozilla gave $100,000 to for their email service. RiseUp is how Antifa communicates digitally, it’s about the only thing that RiseUp does. They look to be the tech side of Antifa and Mozilla is helping fund them.
  4. Mozilla will install an extension without the user’s permission to modify what the user sees on the internet, if Mozilla is paid enough. Mozilla did it when the TV show “Mr. Robot” partnered with them. To promote the show, Mozilla pushed an extension out to Firefox that injected promo materials in whatever webpage the user was visiting.
  5. Mozilla will spy on users by collecting data without permission. They did that to support a company they had financial interest in, Cliqs, that spied on users in Germany to test their system.
  6. Mozilla is still begging for money. They pretend they are funded by donations and not pulling in the tall dollars by screwing over their users.
  7. Mozilla supports DRM. Heck, they are pushing it and pushing it hard. DRM is evil because it moves control of digital media away from you, the person who bought it, into the hands of whatever corporation or government that has their grubby mitts on the controls.


In short, Mozilla is a evil bastard of company, selling out their user base whenever it suits them, all the while pretending to be fighting for your privacy and the underdog.

So, what to do?

Dump Firefox. If you are using it, stop. I know for some that’s nigh unthinkable. Firefox is the web browser; it’s been the go-to for years, and just dumping it isn’t something done on a whim or easily.

I get it. It’s hard. Start now. Find a browser you like and begin the transition. I’m doing that myself, and I keep bouncing between the two as I get things rearranged and find alternatives to the plugins and workflow. And I barely use Firefox, so I get the pain of making that switch.

And I have a few browser suggestions. Take them all with a grain of salt. I’ve done research and so far, they look clean and the people backing them seem to be on the level. But trust is a precious commodity in this world, and though I recommend them, I’m not suggesting you should trust them out right.

Waterfox: Among other aspects of this fork, they claim “no data or telemetry is sent back to Mozilla or the Waterfox project” which already puts them ahead of Mozilla. I’ve been kicking the tires on this and it’s not too bad.

Brave: Brendan Eich didn’t go gently into the good night. He started a company to make a browser that addresses the shortcomings he sees in the web today. His advertising model of paying sites directly might not take off, but if it does, Google should be concerned. It won’t topple them, but it will eat at their market.

PaleMoon: for Windows-only Firefox replacement.

If you are running Linux, try IceCat:

 Those should get you started freeing yourself a bit more from the overreaching eye of the Panopticon. Your past sins will remain in some sort of datastore, but we don’t look to world forgiveness but for Heavenly.




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