Kyle writes:

Mr. Schwanze,

I’m a mesomorph (I know, “fuck off”) so with that out off the way… I have been working out for 7 weeks and have seen good changes.  I have been helping my daughter’s boyfriend train, and today I noticed a problem in his squats that he also saw I mine.  During Squats, our body twists to one side involuntarily!  then we saw it in other activities, even benches.  Once we realized it was happening, it fucked up everything!  I thought it might be because of how we sit while driving, which we both do a lot.  We lean to one side, one hand on the wheel.  My car’s seat is actually set into a permanent lean.  What can we do about this?  It’s unsafe, and restricts our max.  How do I train this out of my squats?  It was very hard to shift under load. It’s completely involuntary.



Hey Kyle. While I normally would tell you to fuck off, this isn’t something you can really help. It sounds like you have mild scoliosis. Get thee to a chiropractor. Chiropractors are your buddy if you are actively lifting. They can do wonders for many people. Kinked up spines are one of those things that you can develop over time and may never notice but can cause several problems. And yes, you can develop mild scoliosis from bad posture while driving, working, sitting, etc, etc.

But make sure you find a legitimate chiropractor, and not some crystal stroking queer. A good chiropractor can get you straight. I can tell you from experience. But make sure to follow up with a exercise physiologist to help strengthen your weaker side. Also, raise your personal awareness of your posture habits. Driving, sitting at your desk. Fix that shit.