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Honest, integrity, and character have all been nearly lost in this benighted era. There are very few people in the public eye that exhibit any of those characteristics. When in expressed in smaller, personal spheres, quite often those expressions are met with shock, mockery and derision.
How do we return? What do we do to recover, if recovery is possible?
It won’t be easy. It might not be possible without a civilization reset. That doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do, personally and for our families.
I’m going to suggest we start with prayers to God. Daily personal prayer. Family prayers, led by the patriarch of the household. Things won’t change overnight, but things will change, starting with ourselves and our families, then spreading out from there.
If you can bend a knee to the Most High, already you start changing. Your pride weakens. If you can open your heart for honest communication with God, you can remove the scales from your eyes. Honest, integrity, and character are built when you stop lying to yourself and those around you. Prayer brings those things into focus and will strip away your pretensions as y0u make it a habit.
If you can do that with your spouse, rifts can mend, misunderstandings and bad air can be cleared. Your relationship becomes more solid and significant. You will understand each other’s goals better and see how you can help one another.
If you can do that with your family, unity increases. Your children will see you as an example and have a better understanding what you want in the family. Get them to pray, and you will hear what things are troubling them.
Pray for each other. Pray for help from the Almighty. He listens and will answer every heartfelt prayer in His own time and way.
If you haven’t been doing this in your own life, now is the time to start.
Easter is a time of new beginnings, new starts. Christ was raised up so all men might be. He threw the power of the grave so death would lose its sting. His blood will wash out all sins, no matter how deeply scarlet stained our souls are.
There’s nothing to lose and Heaven to gain.


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