The Muslim Tipping Point

April 11, 2017
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On Palm Sunday, Muslims in Egypt committed two horrible tragedies, bombing Coptic churches in the midst of their worship. At the last report, 44 Christians were killed, and over 100 more were injured. In Sydney, Australia, a Muslim gang, screaming, “F*CK JESUS!” attacked a Christian couple, beating them, while Transport Authorities looked on, doing nothing. Unfortunately, none of this is new or unique. This is what Islam does.

In a recent article, I advocated for the immediate halt to any immigration from Muslim lands, as well as for the deportation of Muslims currently in our country. Where I stopped short, drawing a line in the sand, if you will,  was in saying that we should make every effort to do this via legal means. We should hold our elected officials accountable to make it happen. We should not engage in vigilantism or mob action outside of the law.

Yesterday, when I heard the news of the slaughter of the Egyptian Christians, I realized that we are soon reaching a point where the removal of Muslims is going to happen, whether done within the law or otherwise. I still do not advocate for mob action; I still argue that we should pursue legal recourse. At the same time, it is obvious that we will soon see this happen, one way or another.

I know some of our commenters disagreed with my call for patience and using the law to our advantage here. I understand their argument, and can sympathize with it. My gut reaction yesterday was to send them all home today, on planes if they are willing, but in body bags, if they are not. But an emotional reaction is not the best way to conduct policy. The Democrats have done it for years, and they have produced nothing but disaster.

So I call again for us to let our government know that we expect them to remove this vile poison from our midst. It is their job and responsibility to provide for a safe environment for citizens. In fact, that is one of the few biblical jobs for government: to protect the innocent and to punish evil doers. If government is going to behave as the Australian Transport Authorities did, this will not end well. It is time for the governments of the West to take a stand.

Islam has proven to be nothing but evil. Innocent people are being hurt, both in this country and across the world. If our government will not do its  job, then someone else will. I hope it does not come to that, but every day the government waits brings us closer to the day it happens. One of my recent articles discussed William Faulkner’s view of the land, and how it was alive. It allowed people to live on it, as long as they were the right kind of people. Muslims have proven that they are not that sort, and in Faulkner’s terminology, it is time they were shaken off of the land, as a dog shakes off fleas.

If something is not done soon, we will see the next Crusade begin in earnest, and that will much bloodier than if we just take care of the problem now.
Send them all home.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. I understand very well the value of patience, discipline, lawfullness and proportionality. I also recognize the widening gulf between legality and morality. This decade is going to get ugly.

  2. This is not Europe and I am not European. I am of the stock and lineage that killed my brothers to be free. Fleas? ha.

  3. I am going to try and restate something that got spammed in an earlier article, and hopefully get my point across without sounding (incorrectly) like I am advocating mob violence.
    We are citizens. We are not subjects, serfs, slaves, or peasants. What this means is that WE control our government, our laws, and our nation. While in practice that has waned as more and more citizens trade in their rights and responsibilities in order to be ‘protected’, the basic idea of western republicans (Original meaning, not the political party) is that we are not only ruled by our own choices, but we are also utterly responsible for the welfare of our nation… We are the last line of defense against invaders, criminals, and the barbarians that are always trying to cause Chaos.
    WE choose our laws, we are responsible for them. The police and armed forces are an extension of our will… And they cannot do it without our help, and our support. If a law is created that is not in accord with our will, it is our responsibility to CHANGE that law by the best means possible.
    Our police departments CANNOT enforce our will without our support. various no-go zones are sheer examples of what happens when we allow our will to be subverted. There are NO no-go zones in our country… If there seems to be one, That means we have not done everything we must in order to help our security, police, and military forces enforce the laws WE helped to create.
    The founders envisioned a country where every free man was a member of the ‘citizen militia’. That means that wherever the laws fail, WE are supposed to pick up the slack and be willing and able to act… with violence if necessary. That is one of the greatest reasons behind the second amendment… to give us the ability, as citizens, to enforce the laws that we have chosen to govern this country.
    If some force subverts our will, it is our responsibility… as citizens, as gun owners, as the final line of defense, to take action. Again, I am not advocating mob violence, but it may well be necessary to act as an extension of the laws we have chosen if those who we have selected to enforce our will are incapable of doing so, through subversion, or simply lack of manpower and training. If you find yourself in opposition to security forces, bear in mind that they are NOT THE ENEMY, they are simply responding to subversion, and we must do everything in our power to FIX what is causing their apparent disloyalty… whether it is a law, an unethical ‘procedure’, or something else.
    Western culture and western law go hand in hand… do NOT give up your rights AND responsibilities as a citizen in order to accede to those unethical ‘public masters’ that attempt to subvert our law and our will… Western culture, western law, western faith, and western land are WORTH protecting.

    • There may be a time and place where we have to do this. The Founding Fathers recognized it, and we would be foolish to think the time will never come when we must be ‘extra’ in applying the needs of our society. My main concern with the earlier comments was that it seemed like we were jumping ahead about 23 steps, when there were other things that should be considered/pursued first. If the time actually comes, then fine. But we would be foolhardy to attempt to do that before that time comes.

      • Well, bear in mind I have lived in DC, Chicago, and San Diego. The ‘no go’ zones like southeast and the Barrio are an abomination, and existr because the police are almost powerless to do anything about it.
        They CANNOT reclaim the area without help.

  4. […] I have argued that we of the Hard Right should not actively seek open confrontation with the enemies of our culture. I have tried to advocate for a legal, ethical procedure to rid our communities of those who would wish us harm, as I find that preferable to bloodshed. In the comments, we have repeatedly argued back and forth about what has to happen, with some positing that we should not eschew violence so readily (and I realize that no one is calling for wholesale genocide or anything like that). […]

  5. Barrios and other no go areas exist because they were allowed to form by the very same entities that it is now claimed are powerless to reclaim said areas without help. Help would be available in less than a heartbeat, were the public servants interested in it. However, they are not. Those the nation has entrusted with the keeping of the peace have become little more than armed robbers in the employ of a government that no longer sees itself as the servant of the people and indeed, bears some malevolence toward those who expect that it should represent them. Writing traffic tickets and other non-essential functions get more resources than clearing out no go areas…
    The police do not WANT our help. They are trained to think a certain way, and this affects their loyalties. When one’s education is at odds with the ideas of a stranger, which is discounted? There is a definite us vs. them disconnect in the minds of most government agents from the city cop to the head of any federal agency. As much as it pains me to say it(for I long for the days when the local marshal was a local in good standing in the community), in most cases, particularly in big cities, there will be no cooperation from government, so forget about it. Individual officers may secretly agree. or even assist behind the scenes, but there will be no wholesale alliance between the citizenry and government. Government is the sole reason Islam is here and growing. It would be ludicrous to expect that government will ever be the instrument of removing it from our midst, and foolhardy to convince ourselves that government will be a partner in repairing our society. Sad, but true.

  6. I am a “minority” woman. Islam is evil. People who think America is a backwards, racist, sexist nation and that we need to embrace the Muslims due to multiculturalism are incredible idiots who have no capacity for rational thought and no common sense.
    My parents are from India. My grandmother was tattoed as a young girl because she lived in a Muslim majority part of the country and the Muslims would steal beautiful girls. So the parents tattoed their daughters so the Muslims wouldn’t take them. A few months ago I met a woman whose parents came to the US from Serbia. She told me of a great-aunt of hers who also had a tattoo – because in Serbia the Muslims used to steal children as well, and so they would tattoo or otherwise “mar” the child to keep the Muslims from taking them.
    Islam is evil. Any “religion” that allows the stealing of children is evil. But Islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarian mind-control cult. It’s fanatical followers cannot be reasoned with. Muhammad, their “ideal man” was a pedophile who married a 9 year old girl when he was in his 50s. He advocated plundering peaceful, tolerant villages and murdering the men and raping the women, the girls and the young boys. He had disgusting habits and was a coward. He was all for slavery. Anyone who actually reads the Koran and the haditha can see this.
    BTW, this is the difference between Islam and most other religions. When I’ve read the New Testament, my respect for Jesus increased. When I read the Mahabaratha I gained a greater respect for the Hindu philosophy. Same with reading about the Buddha. Even the Mormons – I think their religion is a bit nuts, but the more I learn about how they actually live their lives, the more I respect them. But the more you learn about Islam, the more you despise it. JMHO

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