You Shall Come No Further!

June 10, 2017
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It started with just a few whack job ultra leftist “professors” and “psychiatrists,” but now it is gaining steam in the more mainstream liberal hive mind. “Pedophilia is just another sexual orientation and the discrimination must stop.” This is the cut and paste formula that they used to normalize homosexuality and later transsexuality. Although the Slippery Slope argument is a logical fallacy, here we are. And as with the homosexuals and transsexuals that came before, you can expect that very soon there will be celebrities and politicians who will start championing for these “victims of hate.” After all, Hollywood and DC are rife with pedophilia.
And we must declare to them all: “You Shall Come No Further!”
Do not give this abomination a platform. Do not take the approach of “if it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” Do not allow advocacy. Do not allow champions.
Can you imagine? You have a beautiful young daughter. She is the light of your life and your absolute joy. She looks like you, but acts like her mother. And she is friendly. Everyone dotes on her. And then one day, she catches the eye of some demon-possessed man who sees her as more than just a sweet child. He befriends your family. Gains your trust. Maybe he has kids of his own that he brings over to play. You begin to trust him. And one day you trust him with the care of your daughter. You drop her off to play while you run an errand. But when you pick her up, she is strangely quiet and distant. She doesn’t want to eat dinner. When you go to put her to bed, she tells you. Something bad happened. At first, you don’t believe it. Surely she just didn’t understand or made a mistake. You ask her again what happened, and the reality starts to set in. You see red. You rush out of the house. Your wife calls the police. In a full rage, you go to your friend’s home. You beat on the door. He answers, and you leap at him. You beat him until you can’t lift your arm. The cops arrive. And they arrest you. Your lawyer explains that as a protected class, the pedophile will not be charged with a crime, but you are being prosecuted for a hate crime.
Crazy? Surely this is the paranoid ranting of a far right religious lunatic. And I bet you never thought that a woman would face charges for defending herself from a violent Muslim rapist either. But it wasn’t that long ago that homosexuality and transsexuality were medically classified as mental disorders. And in all the left’s searching for a biological origin for these sexual orientations, no new evidence has ever been produced. The classifications just faded away, as they became more socially acceptable. And now the same people who made these perverts acceptable to society at large are starting in on making child molesters acceptable.
Not on my watch!
I can’t tell you to tar and feather anyone who advocates for pedophilia. I can’t tell you to lynch these messengers from Satan. But I will tell you to do whatever it takes to shut these people down. Hard. If there was ever something worth taking action against, it has to be this. We can’t afford to hope that reason or basic human decency will win in the end. We can’t trust in our leaders to make the right choices. Leaders change. And progressives are masters of wearing issues down inch by inch. But not for this. Never for this. They Shall Come No Further.

Donner Schwanze is a Traditional Christian with Traditional values. He has had a tough life and has worked hard for everything he has. As a Father and a Husband, Donner will do whatever it takes to defend his God, his nation, and his family.


  1. They do it incrementally and through the culture because politics is downstream of culture. Think of television. During the 1990s there was Will and Grace, and Ellen. Those two shows started the “acceptance” of homosexuality. Fast forward 20-25 years and seems like every show has a LBGTQ character. The last I checked, that segment of our society still only accounts for 2-5 percent. Yet, we are told it is so much more.
    It is really about totalitarian control. That is what all of this is about. It is about turning a traditional and time honored civilization onto its head. And that is why the statists of our time have no issue with the encroachment of Islam and Sharia Law. They have a shared goal.

  2. At hotel this morning, several other guests* were wearing shirts emblazoned with “Resist”, “This is what an Advocate looks like,” and “Trans Lives Matter”. Presumably they were going to some protest rally.
    I’d like to see them change, to see them understand the absurdity of their view, to see that they are exploiting and humiliating the mentally ill.
    But, at the same time, they need to be shut down. We can’t have society being overrun with evil, as if freedom of speech means we have to spend resources explaining evil and absurdity every time someone new brings it up. Or worse, tolerating it in society b/c we allow our rights to be subject to everyone else’s.
    In the end, what’s the proper way to address that?
    *Yes, they noticed the boys on the team we’re chaperoning. Were they being friendly when asking about them?

    • If we were entering a place that had never seen the light (say some uncivilized region just coming into contact with the West), then I would be all for patience and hoping to educate them. Here, though, we are dealing with people that want to tear down the edifices of our culture. They just need to be shut down. They have the truth around them and they are working to destroy it.

    • The proper way to address it would of been to not let it get a foothold but that was to hard and nobody wanted to be called names…The only way to combat it now is to be building communities up that do not let this filth amongst themselves and to be standing up to evil when it tries to tear down that community…If we had this throughout the US and the willingness to defend each community against attack by rallying to that community then slowly we could take back that which we have lost…But that takes work and I just don’t think people have had enough pain to make them do anything about it…

  3. Their day of reckoning fast approaches.
    Opposition media simply unable to tamp down ( through deception) the outrage of real Americans and instead are simply doubling down. A ‘how far can we them’ type attitude/tactic.
    The Rothchild behind the curtain directing the insanity through media, of course. Nothing in politics happens by accident.
    Author seems to believe pedophilia is the line in the sand. He may be correct. I do wonder though, is there room for another line anywhere past this?

  4. As in everything else I only speak for myself, I have no care what consenting adults do but get near my grandson with perverted filth and may god have mercy on him because I will have none

  5. As God fearing Christians, those of us who have young children in our charge need to ask God daily for the wisdom and discernment to be able to see the demons where they are lurking nearby. Be aware and open, listening to God when He warns you. I stopped a so-called youth pastor from trying it on with my daughter when she was in late middle school.
    I supported her seeking God, but I refused to allow a youth pastor any alone time with her. I informed the guy that for his own protection he needs to make sure he meets with any kids in public and to have his wife with him at all times. That way you shut them down without attacking with no proof. The guy just felt dodgy and to this day I believe God was looking out for my daughter
    Ask God for His help to make you the best and most aware parent you can be. These perverts lurk everywhere. There is even one in the Presidential residence of France..

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