Often we are asked why poetry matters.    To answer that… we offer a demonstration.


There Is a Happy Land

– Andrew Young, 1838

There is a happy land, far, far away,
Where saints in glory stand, bright, bright as day;
Oh, how they sweetly sing, worthy is our Savior King,
Loud let His praises ring, praise, praise for aye.
Come to that happy land, come, come away;
Why will you doubting stand, why still delay?
Oh, we shall happy be, when from sin and sorrow free,
Lord, we shall live with Thee, blest, blest for aye.
Bright, in that happy land, beams every eye;
Kept by a Father’s hand, love cannot die;
Oh, then to glory run; be a crown and kingdom won;
And, bright, above the sun, we reign for aye.


A Synergistic Location Exists

– Ian McLeod, 2017

It has been determined
that a synergistic location exists
at a considerable distance,
wherein productive human resources
reflect a paradigm of positive
corporate morale in the form of
singing advertising jingles
and the merits of our CEO.
They should not be interrupted.
It has been determined
that the aforementioned location
is ideal for corporate strategic growth,
regardless of the misgivings of some shareholders.
It has been determined that a timely action
upon this location may be appropriate
to assist in the facilitation of positive
morale among human resources,
and may increase and improve ethical perceptions
among stakeholders and the general public.
While it is against corporate policy
to utilize subjective descriptors such as “bright,”
“love,” and “glory,” it has been determined
that exceptional human resources may receive bonuses
and perks determined by their behavior,
in keeping with company policy.
It is ideal to utilize “stock-clerk to CEO”
stories to maintain corporate morale.


Its a great honor to introduce Ian McLeod as the Official Poet Laureate of Men of the West.   Find his great works like Bilge Pump of a Turgid Mind and Valve Cover Gasket on the Engine of Despair at Amazon.  We highly recommend these books.  If nothing else… I can assure you titles like these give an excellent presentation sitting on your coffee table.