The Art of Advent

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When celebrating western civilization the subject of art cannot be over looked.  No, not the ejectus celebrated as art today but art that actually moves you and makes you think.  Art based on beauty not mere emotional outburst.  Consider these; the first… Mary Consoles Eve:
And the second… perhaps my favorite painting of the Holy Family… Gari Melchers’ Nativity Painting:

I can go on and on about this painting… but I leave your reaction to you. And… If these images do not stir something in you, then I am moved to wonder if you have a soul at all.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. It is indeed a moving painting and well worthy of the word ART. There is a YouTube video with actors who look very similar to this painting and IIRC, a Josh Groban Christmas song is playing. It really makes me wonder what is on Joseph’s mind right at that moment, thinking about the awe inspiring task God set for him and Mary.

  2. Exactly Susan… Mary… totally exhausted… and Joseph sitting there like… “what in the world am I supposed to do now?”
    he doesn’t know about the star… the wise men haven’t arrived yet. Its just the three of them. The weight of the world is really is on that man’s shoulders.

  3. “Mary Consoles Eve”
    Fantastic piece. Simple, but combines so many important concepts.
    Gari Melchers’ Nativity Painting –
    Joseph’s faith is staggering as is his unwavering commitment to Mary and the baby.

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