The Covered Bridges of Kentucky

September 23, 2019
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Editor’s Note: The Blacksmith, JAC III, shares some interesting video about covered bridges in Kentucky. These were once a common and normal part of the daily commute of many Americans, but are sadly disappearing today. Enjoy the video, which he made a decade ago.


I don’t think we found them all, but we got to all you could find in a day ride.
There is one toward the end that was restored in 1968 and still has wood peg construction. It is in daily and heavy use. Go figure.
It is interesting to note the different designs of the support structures. Two are wooden versions of what used to be very common steel short span bridges; the Fixed Arch and Queen Post are examples. Others are unique to wooden bridges such as the Kingpost Truss, the Howe Truss, and the Long Truss. Note the joints of the angled truss supports to the vertical beams in some of the close-up pictures.
The wood peg bridge is a very busy design and I can’t figure which it is, but it looks like it may be a Quadrilateral Warren Truss.
Yes, ladies, I know it’s boring.

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