"The Finders' Keepers"

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to grasp what we are fighting for and what we are fighting against. This isn’t one of those times.
Brian Niemeier: “I’ve warned that the Death Cult has started coming for our children. I was wrong; they’ve been going after them for decades. And elements of our own government covered it up.”
He followed up with this post that digs deeper into it.
From that article:

The next time a smug bug man or internet atheist ridicules the religious Right for starting a Satanic Panic back in the 80s, you can serve him this brimming glass of STFU.

The “Finders” were a CIA Operation, often described as a 1960s-style commune, in reality they were a cult that conducted “brainwashing” and used children “in rituals.” The FBI has now unsealed a 324 page document that details this operation and the US Intel Communities role in ritual child sexual abuse.

Here’s the FBI document. If you think the description above is outrageous, buckle up, because we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Read the rest here.


  1. What is missing is if those found guilty were the actual Satanic cult, and if they will ever find the boat where they went out on the ocean and fed babies to sharks that they released and recaptured (though sharks need to swim to breathe).
    Not that I doubt there were Satanic things going on – has anyone checked the Caholic church from that era and if there were lavender priests getting a bit too much exercise with the altar boys?
    Or the local Abortion Clinic where they slaughtered babies. I wonder if Planned Parenthood ever sold fetal male parts with the other organs.
    And Anita Bryant was deplatformed back then for not accepting the Gay agenda.
    The problem is not so much the hidden or exotic evil, but the ordinary, banal, accepted evil like the (man-) no-fault divorce courts, the Abortion clinics, the porn shops, the move to usury. Or the schools.
    One of the Devil’s greatesst victories was all the deflection and misdirection. Look at the Gays, though they were dying of AIDS (HIV)! Look at the Islamic terrorists – we must torture and kill them (but don’t even think of supergluing a lock at an abortion clinic!). Look at Madonna! Or Maryln Manson! Or Heavy Metal! Or the Satanic Cults!
    We chase after, swat, and strain after Satans gnats, while his caravan of Camels invade.

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