The Hard Right Plan for Victory

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We are told that demographic realities facing America mean the Right will soon find it impossible to compete with the Left on the national stage. We are told it is decided. We are told it is inevitable.
Today I want to explain how, with just a few easy changes, we can ensure that the Left loses every presidential election for the next 50 years.
How could that be possible? Its easier than you think. For the answer… look to Maine.
What if Florida appointed its electoral votes by district, the way Maine does rather than winner take all? What if Illinois and California did too? The Florida Panhandle is as red as Alabama. Rather than having their voices silenced in a winner take all election, they would be heard. The same goes for the many red counties and districts in California. Why should their voices be silenced by the shouting from the cities?
Let every voice truly count.
Why should the red districts of central Pennsylvania be relegated to non-existence just because the state has two large blue cities?
Push measures through that apply electoral votes by congressional district rather than for the entire state.. and you will change politics in America for ever. And states like Florida that are so equally split will be very easy to sell on this plan. Because every election half of their population is being silenced.
If you still need more convincing I would offer this relevant fact. The House of Representatives is made up of one representative per congressional district. Republicans lead 244 to 188; it isn’t even close. This strategy can utterly destroy the Democratic Party’s ability to compete on the national level.
Its time to start taking ground. This strategy is one of the ways we can do it. This should show the difference between the mere conservatives… and the Hard Right. Conservatives play by the same old rules and lose and lose and lose.
We are not here to do that.
We’re here to change the rules. We’re here to change the game.
We’re here to win.
The Men of the West call on all of you in blue states or battle ground states to call and email your local state representative to your local state government and ask them enact this plan.  Ask them to sponsor a bill to re-allocate your state’s electoral college votes by congressional district.  All of you silenced souls in central Pennsylvania and California and northern Florida, pick up the phone and call.  You silenced citizens of Illinois who are sick of Chicago controlling your state, send out those emails.  Make phone calls.   You want to know what you can do?   This is what you can do.  We will be attempting to put together a list of contact data for you in critical states.
Hurdle the weak.  Trample the dead.


  1. First reactions –
    Offers the electorally ruthless strategy of promoting this in CA but not in TX.
    Dilutes the power of States by splitting their presidential electorates.
    Worth pondering.

  2. always good to see ruthlessness is still appreciated. I would take issue though with the idea that it reduces state power. States have reduced their own power by choosing to let the people elect EC electors rather than by appointing them. Regardless this is about winning. There can be no question that states rights will be better served under guardianship of the Hard Right vs the Proggy Left.

  3. It also draws the fight down to local levels, because the Democrats would retaliate in places where counter-responses would actually be effective.
    Having dead people vote in local election has more immediate, and lasting, consequences.

  4. Great plan. Wondering how it would play out in states like CA though where Dems will definitely fight back.
    People need to start brainstorming prog objections and figure out how to bypass them.

  5. Nope sorry. You guys lose.
    Racism will lose
    The forces of reaction, of ethno-racial supremacy, have been defeated in the past, and can be defeated again. The key to doing it is to refrain from surrendering on core values — to reaffirm Western societies’ basic commitment to tolerance and to craft policies that promote that commitment rather than back away from it.
    The future shouldn’t belong to the Front National and its ilk. It should belong to the people they’re afraid of.

      • I am a “minority” woman and I WANT to live in a right-of-center country. Why? Because SOCIALISM STINKS. Marxism leads to failure. Thanks to the SJW we no longer have free speech on our college campuses, we’ve got adult men going into women’s bathrooms which is NOT OK, we’ve got sanctuary cities for illegals (hello, they broke the law!) and so on.
        Do I think racism is bad? Yes, but America is not a racist country. I worked as an engineering manager for a couple of years before I went back to grad school and there was a reason that I promoted one of my white employees – because he was better at his job than my black one. And I liked the black guy better on a personal level but you promote the one who is better at the job, not the one you like the best. Some blacks ARE the best. When I was an undergrad, the most competent lab partner I had was a black guy, and at my local hardware store, there is a black woman who actually knows more about things than any of the guys. But I’ve also seen several situations where the black person did not deserve the promotion but when they didn’t get it, they would just say “racism”. NO, it had nothing to do with racism, it had to do with who was the best at the job.
        And America is not sexist either. Women and men are biologically different, that is just a fact of life. But women have tons of opportunities, and men are, for the most part, still chivalrous and kind and protective despite the unfair garbage they have to deal with thanks to the left.
        Ideologically I am more of a libertarian or a “traditional liberal” (of the John Stuart Mill variety) than anything else – I would love it if we actually went back to our Constitution. I tend to vote GOP because the way I look at it, Republicans are more likely to take the Constitution seriously and to actually try to stick to those values whereas the left panders to a variety of special interest groups and sees the Constitution as a “living document”. I don’t want to live in a socialist country and I am fed up with seeing the hatred directed at straight white men. It’s not fair, and that really bothers me.
        So yeah, I support the GOP being ruthless. The Dems are ruthless. And they control the media and the universities. So the GOP has got to stop with the Marquess of Queensbury rules and get in there and gouge out some eyes… metaphorically speaking…

    • Sorry, Reggie. You cannot reframe this to be about race. It is about the fight for Western civilization. Whether black, brown, red, or yellow, one can succeed in Western society. I am even positive that you could name several non-whites who have. The key is assimilation into the culture. The reason why Western society has survived this long is because those who were not native assimilated to the culture. Tolerance, by contrast, is cultural suicide. Ask the American Indian.

  6. It would make hundreds of millions of votes count again. It would change the game. That’s why the democrats will fight it tooth and nail.

  7. A good tactic would be to identify blue States where the change could be made through referendum, and proceed accordingly. That way you could bypass a Dem. legislature and governor, not to mention a useless GOP.
    I was a little skeptical of the overall strategy, but seeing how this post attracted one of the site’s first cut-and-paste shills/trolls, I think you’re on to something.

  8. People keep forgetting that the real problem lies with our two major parties. Our founding fathers felt that the constitution made a pretty effective firewall between the states and the federal government. In fact, it did. But then the parties infiltrated every level of government. The rest, as they say, is history. If you want to get back to constitutional government, get rid of the parties.

    • If we want to return to Constitutional government, we’ll need to get rid of a lot more than just the parties.

  9. @Reggie Jones (and his ilk.)
    Even a broken record player isn’t as monotonous as the globalist left.
    “White people are evil.”
    “White people suck (especially men).”
    “We should all be ashamed of ourselves for all eternity.”
    Got it.
    Don’t care.
    Piss off.

  10. That’s a very good and interesting idea that I think would work, but there’s a problem. Getting people involved is the hard part. Most people prefer to sit on the sidelines and whine about things instead of being part of the fix. Many people don’t understand how our system works, and when a topic goes over their heads, they tend to shut down.
    In addition to going by districts, add this to the plan – standardize the voting methods across every state. Determine the best method and put it to work in every state to cut down on the fraud. As stated, the conservatives play by the same old rules and continue to lose. Every election they’re quick to point out the fraud, but they do nothing to stop it. That desperately needs to change.

    • ‘Getting people involved is the hard part. Most people prefer to sit on the sidelines and whine about things instead of being part of the fix. ‘
      That’s a feature. not a bug. Now whenever someone is whining about how hopeless everything is… and about how they don’t know what to do… You can tell them “Shut up and email your state representative.”

  11. Good opening, but the real issue (and i’m sure many people have already identified it) is the Progs have already determined that silencing half the electorate is just fine, and will fight with every tool they have (from SJW point and screech to law fare to actual organized violence) to stop this plan.
    Still, simply stirring up enough attention to the issue can help push people off the fence, and ultimately getting a preference cascade is what *we* want to do

  12. This will have to come from each state. California tried to do a proportional one a few years ago, but the public employee unions and state DNC beat it to oblivion with lies and half truths. Ironically, the media was for it as it meant ad dollars for them. I don’t see the DNC being ok with losing 74 guaranteed electoral votes. On the other hand, they would love to do this in the republican controlled states as it would steal some from them One side of this blade is way sharper than the other side.
    As a California resident, I hate that my vote doesn’t count as much as someone in Ohio or Florida.

    • States like California are the ones we’re gonna really have our sights on. that’s where the big gains can be made.

  13. Unworkable.
    Any State that is dominated by a highly concentrated population center will be unable to pass legislation that reduces the power of that dominant population center.

    • often we find state legislators in places like Florida are mostly red than you would expect given its weird national schizophrenia

  14. Each state determines how its electors are decided, so this is not a national-level law. States with Democratic-controlled legislatures (CA, MA, NY) will not divide their electors. States that vote Dem in presidential elections but have Rep legislatures are the targets (PA, FL, MI, WI, VA, NV). People in those states can contact their legislatures and promote this idea. But that also means losing the winner-take-all in states like PA, FL, & WI- if the Rep can win those outright.

  15. Leonard Pitts explains why you guys will lose.
    “….this country finds itself facing an electoral decision starker and more portentous than any in modern memory…. We decide who and what we are.
    Are we a backward-looking nation defined by those who lost their minds because a black guy was elected president? Or are we a forward-facing people, challenged by change but never shying from it, never so terrified by it as to betray our fundamental selves?
    The thing is, change doesn’t care what we decide. It comes regardless and you can no more question it than you can gravity. The toothpaste won’t go back into the tube, the gay people back into the closet, the women back into the kitchen nor the African Americans back to the rear of the bus.
    The past will not be restored. So the only question here is how we will respond to the future. With fear or faith? With cowardice or courage? It’s time for us all to take a deep breath.
    And decide.”

    • Assembling a legion of straw men to knock down isn’t proof of anything at all, nor is it relevant to the discussion at hand.

    • Leonard Pitts is apparently to stupid or pig ignorant to know that Greeks and Romans both were very excepting of homosexuality. And yet those gays did in fact go right back in the closet.
      History is hard.

    • I’m hoping for better trolls on this site. Mr. Somersby’s post is so pointless it makes me wonder if the editors put him up to it.

    • Good idea on Electoral Equality. Control the language and you have half the battle won before you even start fighting. In a perfect world I’d oppose the concept as diluting the States but that ship has sailed. Agree that the thing now is doing practical things that postpone the democide coming our way and buy enough time to hope for a better solution. This idea avoids the horrible side effects from pushing for a straight up NPV.

  16. Anything Reggie Jones and his ilk don’t like is racisss, sexist, homophobic, ad nauseum. Sorry, Reg, name-calling no longer makes us silent, but steels our determination to weed out the Progs.
    This is a much more democratic system than what’s currently in place. Anglican likes.

  17. This is a great idea. I’ve been reading your website for the last week, and it’s impressive. I’d like to suggest that you have an archive widget so that newcomers can easily access all your articles. Right now, there’s no way to find your earliest articles except to go back one by one with the “previous” button.

  18. Reggi jones… Once again the only person talking about racism is a black person wow it’s always about race with you people. We won’t our country back we want our freedom the democrats want your slavery, they want y’all uniformed uneducated and poor. Is that what you want? And if we don’t want that then we are racist?! Really!!! You are the problem you mindless fool. Sorry I know it’s easier to stand with your hand out and have everyone one else work for you I get it. but what happens when we decide to sit out and ask for free shit too who pays for it then??

  19. If the media were to be honest they would love this. The media hates boring races. They want tight horse races with interesting horses to back. But they aren’t really about the truth or even their own viewerships or the bottom line. They are just a bought and paid for wing of the liberal globalist elites.
    If a media source supports this you’ll know they are honest, or at least have healthy self interest.

  20. Let Marijuana be your guide. Oregon, Washington or Colorado will be better than CA, easier and cheaper,a nd CA will follow their lead. California isn’t where these things start any more.
    We need a model statue, and state specific versions for the test
    Per Ballotpedia,
    Here are the states with citizens initiatives for statute or constitutional amendment:
    State Signature requirement as of 2008
    Arizona 230,047
    Arkansas 77,468
    California 694,323
    Colorado 80,571
    Florida 611,009
    Massachusetts 62,825
    Michigan 380,126
    Mississippi 91,673
    Missouri –
    Montana 44,615
    Nebraska Approx. 115,000
    Nevada 58,628
    North Dakota 25,688
    Ohio 402,275
    Oklahoma 138,970
    Oregon 110,358
    South Dakota 33,551
    The following states have initiatives for statutes only:
    Washington, D.C.

  21. The hell with “winner takes all” my vote should count just as much as anyone else. Why bother voting? It’s simple …when a vote dictates who wins…every single vote should be counted and the popular or most votes WIN. period Amen. It’s 2016 people time to get rid of this electoral voting system. Let the popular vote stand and let the people be heard!!!

    • The Electoral College is designed to give the minority a say. If you went to popular vote, you are disenfranchising a large portion of the less-populated areas of the country. Wait until you see that Hillary will likely win the popular vote, though Trump carries the electoral college. New York and California would decide every election on the popular vote.

  22. I remember Lee well as a student in my English classes at Trinity. But especially I remember when he came into my office with a chunk of rock he had &#ib20;l82erated” from the petrified forest. He pushed the limits and is missed.

  23. This tactic has literally zero chance of success. California, like every state, makes their own electoral rules. They want all the electors to be bound by the public mandate because the majority there votes straight ticket blue.
    The only tactic with the remotest chance of success is a proposition to break California up into north, east, and west. That’s something at least some Californians can get behind.

  24. I love the term “hard right.” A gab fellow used the term ctrl-left in juxtaposition to alt-right. Quite clever. It inspired me. As I have been calling for the reboot of the Republic (if only regionally), I suggested that Constitutionalists and Strict Constructionists use the term “ctrl-alt-delete right.” Rather hardcore.

  25. It’s the same old story from the LEFT: Anybody who criticizes them is AUTOMATICALLY KKK , Nazionale, & c. Their script was written by the KGB in the Kremlin in the early 1950’s and handed to the Communist Party, USA, and hasn’t changed one iota in 65 years.
    But the world has grown up and rejected Marxism. Everywhere socialism has been tried, it has wrecked the economy and devastated the society. Socialism is a lie based on emotional appeal. The Right is a set of values based in FACT.
    We are in a global war of annihilation against the Bolsheviks. Make no mistake, these people have been plotting and doing everything within their means to wipe our culture permanently from the face of the earth. That remains their morbid fantasy. However, for the balance of the 21st century, FREEDOM, THE CONSTITUTION, AND INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES will predominate. These liberal lies and distortions will be replaced by the truth just as soon as we take control of movie production and radio and television broadcasting. The Marxist educational system will be replaced with one that teaches the true values and prepares students to compete in the world. We will stop subsidizing crime, poverty, drug abuse and ignorance.
    The greatest achievements of mankind are within our grasp. Being stewards of the earth and advancing mankind is not an option, but rather a sacred duty commanded of us by God. We have it within our power to fulfill the vision of the Founding Fathers. We must unite and organize ourselves and understand that the time for talking is over. We must finally secure FREEDOM for all future generations, or we shall perish.

  26. You know….
    This is a perfect opportunity to apply People’s War if we can rip it out of the maws of communist ideology.
    Take the countryside, encircle the big cities (which are the seat of the liberal enemy) and slowly eliminate one by one.

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