We are told that demographic realities facing America mean the Right will soon find it impossible to compete with the Left on the national stage. We are told it is decided. We are told it is inevitable.

Today I want to explain how, with just a few easy changes, we can ensure that the Left loses every presidential election for the next 50 years.

How could that be possible? Its easier than you think. For the answer… look to Maine.

What if Florida appointed its electoral votes by district, the way Maine does rather than winner take all? What if Illinois and California did too? The Florida Panhandle is as red as Alabama. Rather than having their voices silenced in a winner take all election, they would be heard. The same goes for the many red counties and districts in California. Why should their voices be silenced by the shouting from the cities?

Let every voice truly count.

Why should the red districts of central Pennsylvania be relegated to non-existence just because the state has two large blue cities?

Push measures through that apply electoral votes by congressional district rather than for the entire state.. and you will change politics in America for ever. And states like Florida that are so equally split will be very easy to sell on this plan. Because every election half of their population is being silenced.

If you still need more convincing I would offer this relevant fact. The House of Representatives is made up of one representative per congressional district. Republicans lead 244 to 188; it isn’t even close. This strategy can utterly destroy the Democratic Party’s ability to compete on the national level.

Its time to start taking ground. This strategy is one of the ways we can do it. This should show the difference between the mere conservatives… and the Hard Right. Conservatives play by the same old rules and lose and lose and lose.

We are not here to do that.

We’re here to change the rules. We’re here to change the game.

We’re here to win.

The Men of the West call on all of you in blue states or battle ground states to call and email your local state representative to your local state government and ask them enact this plan.  Ask them to sponsor a bill to re-allocate your state’s electoral college votes by congressional district.  All of you silenced souls in central Pennsylvania and California and northern Florida, pick up the phone and call.  You silenced citizens of Illinois who are sick of Chicago controlling your state, send out those emails.  Make phone calls.   You want to know what you can do?   This is what you can do.  We will be attempting to put together a list of contact data for you in critical states.

Hurdle the weak.  Trample the dead.