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Question: Meal prep is my big struggle; any suggestions?
Answer: Without a doubt, eating right is the hardest part of this lifestyle. You are typically cooking all your food. The easiest approach is to pick 3-4 meals that you can cook in bulk, then divide them up into storage containers to put in the fridge or freezer. You’ll have to do your math to get your macros right.
For cutting try Beef and veggie soup, chilli, and stir fry.
For bulking try Spaghetti and meat balls, beef stroganoff, and chicken and dumplings.
In a pinch Chipotle and KFC grilled are life savers.
Question: What about supplements?
Answer: The article that is dropping on Wednesday covers supplements, but I will cover the essentials.
Whey Protein: Getting 200+ grams of protein a day is hard. Getting 400+ is insane. Whey protein is a life saver. A lot of brands will even mix their protein with creatine, BCAAs, and vitamins. Be careful though because some of them have extreme amounts of some vitamins that can be toxic in high levels, like Vitamin A. Learn to read labels and research shit.
Pre-workout: Sometimes I wake up and just can’t find the motivation to get going. I’m fatigued. Pre-workout is best used for getting you off the couch and out the door. It will give you focus and energy, but nothing crazy like they advertise, unless you take too much. Also, don’t be a retard and take too much. These things are not regulated and there is no telling what harm you can do taking too much of these stimulants.
ZMA: This is a natural testosterone stimulant. Taking it can help you break a platue but too much zinc can also cause fatigue. If you start feeling bad after a few weeks stop.
Question: I’m in my 40s with two young teen sons. We want to get started, but could use help with a beginner routine.
Answer: Monday bench and squat, Wednesday pull ups and dead lifts, Friday military press curls and close grip bench.
Do this for about 90 days until you get more comfortable, then branch out with more execises giving each muscle group it’s own day.
It’s a great idea to start your boys lifting in their early teens. Getting beast at a young age will build a foundation that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Muscle built when you’re young tends to stick with you, even if you stop lifting. Other benefits include confidence, higher metabolism, higher base testosterone.

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  1. Over the years I have discovered that it doesn’t take that much more effort when you are cooking dinner, also cook for your freezer. Not the chest style unless you are a hunter, but the upright one that looks like a fridge. Easier to organize, and to rotate your stock.
    Make double or triple size meals and freeze the leftovers. Chili, all kinds of tomato based pasta dishes freeze well. One thing about stroganoff, or any dish with dairy in it, you cannot add the sour cream/yogurt or thickener if you intend to freeze it. Those will break and turn your meal watery. Another version of stroganoff that is good is with chicken instead of beef.
    Get yourself some supplies for storing your leftovers in the freezer and go to it. You will find that a full freezer of meals is very handy to prevent you from making poor choices in your meal decisions. Instead of fast food, hit the freezer. You might want to also check your local library in the cooking section.
    They might have some books about freezing meals that would work for you. Nice thing about trying the library is that you get to test the book first instead of buying it and finding it isn’t working. A full freezer is culinary gold, and you will find that it is worth it if you take the time to make the effort. Good luck with the freezer filling.

  2. Any experience with ZMA and measured testosterone levels? Supplementing with Mg had no effect for me, haven’t tried Zinc (or aspartate). Zinc is tricky, too much is toxic.
    You can test your Zinc levels through , but at this point I should emphasize that I ain’t no doctor.

    • No I’ve never had my levels tested, but it’s easy enough to tell when they are up or down. Good mood, energy, labido is up. Moody, fatigued, less labido is down. But it is a good idea to get your levels checked when experimenting with support supplements.

  3. Step 1: Stop using recipes. Acquire food. Cook it. Eat it. May go well with butter.
    Recipes are for women and effete men.

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