The "He Needed Killin'" Defense

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There comes a time in every community when it has to make a choice between peace and the Law. What are its priorities?
Let me pose a scenario.
A known troublemaker, drug dealer, and all around thug, kills a kid. Everyone knows he killed the kid, but they can’t prove it in court. Think OJ. The killer walks.
The father of the victim then shoots the accused in the face, walks over to the sheriff’s office, hands them the gun, and says, “I shot the bastard. He had it comin’.”
The father is a family man, with roots in the community that go back decades. He has no prior criminal record. In fact, he is a model citizen.
The Law says he committed murder. I say… Justifiable killin’.
This is the “He Needed Killin’ ” defense. It says, Yes I killed him, but killing him wasn’t murder.
Of course the lawyers scoff at this. You can’t take the law into your own hands! Of course not, because that would be taking it out of theirs! Citizens can’t be trusted with matters as grave as this! Why, it’s up to the State! It’s up to the hand picked brown nosed bureaucrats! Only they are competent to decide such matters!
They decide who is prosecuted. They decide what laws are enforced and what laws are ignored.
Vigilante Justice is a direct assault, not only on criminals, but on the Seat of Power.
The Justice System is broken beyond repair. Put your faith in it at your own peril. As it continues to show itself corrupt, so shall we continue to ignore it in ever increasing numbers.
Here’s to you, Bernie.


  1. A decent citizen, serving on the jury of this man’s trial, should utilize jury nullification, by voting not guilty, regardless of facts, since justice would not be served by convicting him. I’m thankful the founders gave us this legal option.

  2. I agree about Jury Nullification.
    The scenario is more straw man. The problems – and we see this today in our socialist cities – are that the criminals are NOT sent to prison for the dozen things that should have easily kept him off the streets. So he didn’t need killing, he needed to be justly punished far earlier in the timeline.
    The second problem is “Everyone knows he did it”. But there is no physical evidence? No surveilance video? No witnesses even to hearing a shot at a specific time? Somehow he managed to commit murder without leaving any evidence or witnesses?
    Illegal Aliens tend to evade punishment instead of simply not being charged. They stay in the shadows or go back.
    The error here is that it is usually NOT a low level drug dealer. It is usually one of the privileged elite. Like Comey, who virtually pardoned Hillary. Seth Rich? That pervert in California that keeps killing gay young black men? Jeffrey Epstine? The latter needed a trial, but he needed killing too. Billy Jeff the president Rapist?
    The roots go far deeper. We don’t have laws based on nature, we have regulations based on whims.

  3. THIS is why we have jury trials . the juror can search their own conscience and the circumstancenses and take the stress of know what drove the defendants mindset and motivation , as well as consider the contrition and turning himself in after word into their verdict . they may well decide the standard for criminal intent was not met .

  4. Raised in New York (small town though), I always had a cynical answer to the non-NYers who were upset that Bernie reacted AS HE SHOULD HAVE to two-legged-animals with a sharpened screw driver who claimed they just “asked” him for a donation on the subway…. Anyone with SENSE knew full well that the kids who “asked” Goetz for a “donation” knew what was up. That the courts allowed the one who survived to sue Goetz from his new permanent wheelchair — and gave the animal a ghetto-lottery payout — made it clear (as it is now even clearer still, with the new NYC law that: “You get released without bail!” and YOU get released without bail! and “YOU get released without bail!” and ….) that robbing people on the subways was fine with the “just-us” department.
    So, a year or two later, a nice kid from Utah was showing his visiting parents around his new home NYC, and on the subway he was threatened … er.. ASKED … for a “donation.” When he refused, he was stabbed to death in front of his parents. Anyone with SENSE leaves NYC — NY State! — behind.

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