Culinary Fusion Is Satanic Entryism

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My wife and I were lamenting how cooking shows have taken a back seat to reality cooking — “Come check out the burgers at this joint!” and “In our next competition, the contestants will try to make something edible out of seaweed and candy corn…”

I mean, I have no problem with contests or shows that introduce specific cafes to folks, but I would like more traditional cooking shows. Why? Because I like to eat, and I like my wife to cook me good food.

So we found this app that our TV provider actually includes on their service, and sure enough — it has loads of cooking shows, and some of them are pretty darn good.

I was watching one, though, and this woman was making Persian-influenced chile rellenos. That is a bit nuts. Then she topped it with Bulgarian cheese.

That was the last straw and the veil was parted and I finally saw clearly.

Satan has used food to get people to allow all sorts of terrible things regarding nationalism and racial self-interest.

“Oh, that fellow can’t be too bad, since he made that Chicken Vindaloo Pizza….”

This is insanity, folks.

We need tacos to be tacos. We need pizza to be pizza. We need steak to be steak. And yes, we need curry to be curry.

Look, I have nothing against any type of food, but I will be drawing the line at food mixing. Don’t try to give me some sort of sweet and sour shepherd’s pie or jalapeño schnitzel. Nope. Keep that satanic garbage to yourself.

I want purity in my food and in my nations. I won’t fall for that demonic trick ever again.

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  1. Is this a joke? The Internet isn’t good at sarcasm.

    Fusion cuisine won’t drag you to globalist hell though some of it maybe the porcelain throne.

    People have been mixing ingredients and recipes from various cultures and importing them since I don’t know there was trade maybe.

    Pepper which is a key ingredient in European cooking isn’t even from Europe but from the East.

    Entire European cuisines especially those from places like Armenia contain elements of foreign foods and in some ways are a fusion cuisine gone trad.

    So no.

    That said chicken is not a pizza topping. Ever.

    • 1. Tongue-in-cheek is not that hard.
      2. Choosing your own lines to not cross does not negate the point of the article.

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