One thing that the gun grabbing commies fail to understand about gun control, besides the obvious that criminals and crazy people don’t obey laws, is that doing away with guns will not stop violent crime. In China, where private guns are completely banned, you still have mass murders, only it is from knives. The UK noticed this trend in their own country, where in the absence of guns, knife attacks sky rocketed. So of course these flaming progressives decided to ban knives. Brilliant! And as the apparent rise of mass murder by vehicle comes upon us, you are actually starting to see the call to ban private vehicles in cities.

Yes. They are that stupid.

It doesn’t matter how much stuff you ban or how many laws you pass, when a person decides to kill someone, or lots of people, they will figure out a way. This is the Riddle of Steel, the philosophical back drop for the movie Conan The Barbarian.

A weapon is powerless without the will behind it, and in fact it is that will that is the true weapon. If you ban guns, people will use knives. If you ban knives, people will use trucks, or rocks, or home made explosives, or home made knives, or 2x4s with nails through them, or etc, etc, etc. You might as well ban violence for all the good it will do. Everything is a weapon when the will to violence is behind it.

Ignore the fact that Nick Offerman, the actor playing Ron Swanson, a truly great TV character, is a gun grabbing pussy in real life. His point is valid. The Riddle of Steel is that everything is a weapon.