It’s a short video, 7 minutes long. Watch it, I’ll wait.

Ok, this shouldn’t be anything you haven’t heard before, but it’s always good to get one’s butt kicked now and then.

For everyone reading this, I want you to do three things.

First, make a list of things you are planning to do if only you had X.


Third – and this might be the hardest – stop being afraid of failure. In fact, welcome it because it is an incredible teacher. You are going to fail. Understand that, accept that, and get over it.

Take all your bullshit excuses and shove them. Right now, the internet has more tools than you can possibly use, from videos to how-to articles to online communities around whatever topic interests you. Do something. Right now. Don’t wait until New Year, do it now.

If you are already taking names and kicking ass right now, hell yeah, brother. Now, see about helping others – your family, your siblings, your buddies – start doing something.

I’ve wanted to make bread at home for years. Nothing fancy, just straight up white flour simple bread. But I fell into the “Oh, that looks like it could go wrong in a lot of ways and it’s a mess and what if it doesn’t turn out right?” trap, the cousin to the Toolbox fallacy.

Finally, I said screw it and made bread. It was okay and I made a mess. I did it again. Much better and less of a mess. I did it again. Not great, but my family really likes it. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and taking notes on things people do that could improve the quality of my bread and I’ll apply what seems interesting and see if that improves my bread.

Winter is a great time to do things like that. Pick something and do it. Comment here and we’ll help each other by holding each other accountable.

After all, we are the men of the West and we come from a long line of men getting it done.