Two-Level Lies

April 28, 2021
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Editor’s note: Here is a post by our friend, Jack Amok.

Midnight thought. The Left tells lies that have two levels. One level is the lie their side is meant to believe by accepting their argument. The second level is the lie we’re meant to believe by rejecting their argument.

For example, Hillary Clinton wrote a book, It Takes a Village To Raise A Child. Her first lie, the one the Left is meant to believe, is the lie that it’s better if the village replaces the family as the central part of a child’s upbringing. Her second lie, the one we’re tempted into believing when we reject her first lie, is that families need to isolate themselves from the Village in order to keep their children from being psychologically kidnapped. And both lies reinforce one another. The more one side believes the lie targeted at it, the more it drives the other side to believe its own lie.

Another example, #ACAB #DefundThePolice. The lie for the Left: holding dindus accountable for the nuffin they did is racist. The lie for the Right: The Thin Blue Line is under attack! Support your local dog shooters.

The enemy are very crafty liars. We need to be careful even when disbelieving their lies.


  1. Amen!

    I’ve often said that the Big Lie in her book is that she actually believes in the village at all.

    I’ve often said “ya Hillary, so get the damn empire out of my village!”

    Because the true Village is the Little League coaches, Awana leaders, football coaches, sunday school teachers, pastors, friends parents, etc…

    I.e. the adults that parents freely choose to have indluence their kids!

  2. Unfortunately, the youth of America (the majority of them) do not know how to discern the truth and operate solely on their feelings. The left is very good at 8 second sound bites that paint those of us with Judeo-Christian beliefs and values as racist, ***phobic, etc – never mind the facts and the consequences of decisions and actions anymore. For the left, the ends justifies the means and the ends is turning the citizens of this nation into sheeple. The pessimist in me thinks its too late.

    • Regarding the term judeo-Christian, I write this as a brother in Christ, not an attacking enemy and I hope it is received as such.

      The term “judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron as judeo-ism and Christianity are diametrically opposed. 

      Judaism has always been the adversary to Christianity.  Over a century ago the judeo’s purposely collapsed the nations economy.  A transformation of the educational system, medical system and religious training occurred during the recovery resulting in a fundamental shift in national thought and belief putting the nation on the path to where we find ourselves today. The “Build Back Better” of the past. This is not mean spirited opinion, this is historical fact.

      My intention with this comment is not to attempt to convince anyone of anything, knowing full well I am simply words in a comment section to those reading, but to invite everyone to research this transformation and the truth.  The links provided will serve as a good introduction but by no means are they the only sources of this information.

      Murder by Injection, Eustice Mullins

      The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
      (Also freely available as pdf)

      Your Heritage by Bertrand Comperet

      Thank you.

  3. Another insidious tactic of the Left, which is closely related to what the author has exposited here, is what I describe as “the implication”. Here is an example:

    Brainwashed Leftist: “Black Lives Matter!”

    The Implication: Anyone resisting us thinks black lives don’t matter!

    The Truth: No one has said black lives don’t matter in decades! Literally decades.

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