Thoughts on Californian Secession

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Some people in California want to secede. At first glance, there are some positive things that would result. We would instantly lose 55 blue electoral votes and we probably would never face a Democrat threat to the presidency again. More thoughts on that were discussed here last year. Smaller states would get a bigger proportion of representation. All the illegals in California wouldn’t be our problem any more, and leftists from all around the country would want to move there. The perverts in Hollywood wouldn’t be Americans anymore. California is the epicenter of everything filthy in America.
But there are some other things to consider. First, there are important military bases located there. The US could just keep them, and they would function like our bases in other countries. California would probably not like this. There are also important ports and industries. A lot of our imported goods come through Californian ports. There are railroads bringing those goods through. There are also canals bringing water to California from the Colorado River. I doubt that California can survive without it. We are linked with them and the ties are difficult to sever. It’s not certain that the federal government would just let them go peacefully.
California is also not united, just like the rest of the country. Some counties went to Trump; and some lopsidedly so. Those people wouldn’t want to go along with California, and the situation could easily devolve into a civil war within the state. The lines would be drawn between rural and urban, and the cities simply can’t survive without the food produced on the farms.
Once separated, California would be vulnerable. They would certainly give citizenship to all their illegals, and they’d probably push to be annexed by Mexico.
It is a good representation of the problem in the entire country. California is symbolic of the leftist rot and moral decay that is occurring everywhere. It is extremely difficult to excise this cancer. The problem isn’t going away any time soon. We must understand that difficult times are ahead, because it is certain that things cannot continue as they are. As Men of the West, we must raise our children right, be ready to fight for our rights, and pray to the Lord for His assistance.


  1. We’re still too far out from this all coming to a head to let the Californians go. If California leaves, it quickly attracts all the scum as you had mentioned. But then when things take a turn there, as they inevitably would, we get the Big Blue Spore event. All the accumulated villainy and perversion explodes throughout the rest of the country and makes it hard to find them again.
    Right now, the coasts, though I loathe them, serve as a lantern for the wackadoos to flock around. Drags those infested with silly notions out the “boring”, “racist”, “hateful” Midwest. Rather have them all gathered up in centralized locations than have bloody town to town purges like the Spanish Civil War.

  2. If California seceded, it would soon thereafter break apart and everything away from the coast would return, a la West Virginia. The separate California that is left would go Venezuela pretty quickly.

  3. Of course the United States would fight to bring them back into the union. When Abe Lincoln was president and the southern states seceded, he used the might of the nation to kill enough southerners to bring the states back into the union. And he is taught in most history classes (mine excluded) as a hero. If Trump sends US troops to crush California secession, I expect that he will someday be portrayed in public school classrooms as a hero….ok, I was just seeing if you were listening. Trump would be seen as Hitler rather than a Lincoln-like hero. But hypocrisy is fun to watch.
    For the record, I don’t want ANY Americans to be killed in a Civil War. But if Texas can’t secede then California can’t, either.

    • I am happy to allow California to secede. Once they do, there is no reason for other states not to follow suit. No longer will it be the “evil haters” doing it, but the “enlightened folks.” So screw them. Let them leave. I have no use for them.

      • Damn it people! Need time up here to try and figure out some spark of Midwestern nationalism. Else our damn “go along to get along” attitude is going to put us right in some cursed alliance with the Yankees, trying to preserve a dead corpse of “Union”. Just because you all have a skeleton put together, quit trying to make it walk before we get something cobbled together.
        Glad you boys in the South have cohesion, as we need to secure our southern border. Don’t want you all swimming the Ohio to try and get to our promised land.

        • Ha. I don’t think there is much danger of true Southrons trying to get North. The only ones doing that will be those who came from there originally, and will probably have some help in making that decision.

          • Well…guess I can’t blame either side when that happens. As it will eventually. Being part of a group with an identity is a powerful allure, even though most folks don’t want to admit that’s why they moved down. And you gentlemen…while the differences between us and the coasts is smaller…we’re still a different breed as a whole.
            Here’s to peaceful years in the future between our lands. May you prosper in God’s grace. Feel free to spit and curse if we go with anyone east of…Pittsburgh? Haven’t decided that border yet…

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