True Religion And The Real Problem

October 7, 2022
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“There is something brewing in the land that nobody is willing to really address.  An elephant in the room that everyone must tip-toe around.  There is something that brave men like St. John Chrysostom, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther (even if you’re Roman Catholic and think Luther was wrong, you have to admit the man had guts), Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Michael Hoffman, and E. Michael Jones spoke of (and speak of) that few others will speak of.

The Title of Ford’s book names the Elephant in the room, and it is THE same elephant as today:

Ford’s: The International Jew, the World’s Foremost problem.

Luther’s: on the Jews and their Lies

Chrysostom’s: Against the Jews

Hoffman’s: Judaism’s Strange Gods

Aquinas’: Summa Contra Gentiles

E. Michael Jones: The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

The main problem is that many many Pre-Trib Rapture (which is Madness) Christians get the Jews completely wrong!!!

Let me emphasize that I firmly believe that there are two different religions in the Old Testament.  There is the worship of the God of Jacob Yahweh.  And there is the worship of Satan and demons.

I say that today there is Apostolic, Patriarchal, Sacramental Trinitarian Christianity.  And there is worship of Satan and Demons.

I firmly and unapologetically do confess and declare that said Apostolic Christianity is in FULL Continuity with the OT Hebrew Faith of Abraham and the Prophets and Patriarchs.

I firmly and unapologetically do confess and declare that Judaism is in FULL Continuity with the OT Worship of Ba’al and Molech, the Caananite religions, the paganism of Egypt and Babylon.

I am in no way saying that ANY physical race of people is doomed or cannot be saved, on the contrary, ALL of the 70 nations in Genesis are as full humans as any other, there is no evolutionary madness, and the differences between Christian and Judaism is belief, not who your fathers were.

The New Testament makes this so crystal clear when he says that “IF you believe Moses you WILL believe me.”  Therefore proving to be false the ridiculous idea that Jews believe the OT but not the New.

He also says “He who has the Son has the Father, he who does not have the Son does not have the Father.”

John the Baptist knew the Pharisees were the descendents (spiritually and physically too maybe) of those who KILLED the Prophets, not the spiritual descendents of the Prophets themselves.

The spiritual climate at the time of Christ is very similar to the climate of the entire OT.

There are religious leaders, Jews, who worship demons and pretend to worship Yahweh, and the faithful Hebrews (like the Blessed Virgin and Theotokos, and St. Joseph and St. Zachariah and Elizabeth, etc…) who actually DID belive in Moses and were persecuted by the Ba’al worshippers.

Jesus tells the Pharisees that Abraham is not their Father, the Devil (Ba’al, Molech, etc…) is.

I hope to start writing a long list of articles for Men of the West detailing how MUCH of what is considered Christianity is “Talmudic Christianity” not Scriptural/Apostolic Christianity.

Is it not maddening that the ancient Christian Palestinians who are the most directly physically and spiritually related to our Church Fathers are hated, despised, and massacred by the Ba’al worshippers?!?!

All I am saying is that Christians need to know who their enemy is, and then be ready to defend the Faith, defend their families, PRAY for those enemies, PRAY hard that those enemies turn to Christ as the Jew the Apostle Paul did!

But you must start to read the OT and NT with a different lens, realizing that during the entire story there are two Groups (or more, but two main groups) of people with the same ancestry.

There are those faithful to the Trinitarian Creator, usually called Hebrews, Israelites, or Christians.

And those faithful to Satan, Ba’al, and Molech, usually called Priests of Ba’al, Pharisees, and Jews.

At Pentacost is probably the best example of how all (or most) of Abraham’s descendents are gathered in Jerusalem and Peter gives THE sermon about the OT and the Christ.

There are two (or three, as “who cares” is one of the answers too) answers.

Those who are “devout Jews” (or Faithful Hebrews) hear the OT (and ALREADY belueve that OT) teachings and then DO BELIEVE on Jesus and are baltized.  

The other group that already despises the OT wants to Kill those who believe the OT (now becoming Christians).  Yes a third group calls them drunks and just laughs.

But we are dealing with an “International” (i.e. Globalist) Jew who believes in the Talmud, NOT the OT.  The Talmud is writings of Rabbis and Madmen that specifically give you reasons you do NOT have to follow the OT.

There is SO much of what we Americans think of as “Normal” that our Amillenial Christian American forebears did not consider normal.

I am not calling for physical violence ((unless in defence), or even expulsion.  All Christians need to do to change the World is to start following the Apostolic Faith of Abraham, and leave the damnable Talmud with it’s filth and stench behind…”

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.


  1. “Aquinas’: Summa Contra Gentiles”

    That one stands out like a sore thumb in this list. Maybe you should replace Aquinas with Tertullian: Adversus Iudaeos.

  2. This is fantastic! Completely agree with you. Jews who don’t believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, ARE NOT believers in the true Trinitarion Creator.

    • Yes!

      And those Jews who DO believe were the ones who actually Did believe Moses!

      “If you Believe Moses you WILL (not might) believe me.”

  3. I find this feed fascinating folks… I often wonder how the ascetic Jews handle the idea of Yahweh sacrificing his “Only Son” for all the people in the world. Was Christ considered merely a Prophet to the Neo-Jew new age population of today? “Jews For Jesus ”
    Is an amazing group who honor Yahweh’s Son Christ Jesus as the Messiah. I’ve seen them twice in my life. I would be interested in understanding exactly why, the Jewish people have such hatred towards them”.

    • Jews for Jesus is an interesting group. Thank God they’ve accepted Christ as the Messiah.

      Hopefully they can learn the difference between their “Jewish” Culture (the Culture of Child sacrifice to Moloch) and true OT Hebrew culture, which is in FULL Continuity with Trinitarian Christianity.

      As long as they mean something like “Indians for Christ” as opposed to “Hindus for Christ.”

      It’s impossible for a Christian to remain a Hindu, but there are tons and tons of Apostolic Christian Indians!

      It’s impossible for a Christian to remain a Moloch worshipper, but there are tons and tons of Apostolic Christians Palestinians!

      The Apostles were the Blood and Faith of Abraham!

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