Video: Breaking Down "Civil War 2" – Part 1

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  1. Some good ideas, like recognizing the Dems creeping socialism as the biggest/most likely disaster for the preppers to face, and recognizing that the left wants to win through demoralization rather than direct conflict, but some serious problems, too. For example, continued slow growth won’t happen as long as Trump is in power; I don’t see the Dem party surviving another 5.5 years of him, not with the things coming down the pike. Yes, the Dems are trying for amnesty, and other things destructive to the American experiment, but the Trump administration is rapidly making those much harder, if not impossible, to do (at least in my lifetime).
    As he says, predictions are hard… especially about the future.

    • Unfortunately Fraud took place in 2020 and Democrat Socialists are using cultural Marxism to destroy the US as fast as possible. Our history, flag and culture being destroyed at a very rapid pace

  2. The hard lines of the above map are pretty silly. Western New York is pretty solid red. So is southern Indiana and western Oregon and Washington state. In much of the US I see a future of many city states where liberals congregate.

    • No one disagrees. The map is just an image that is in basic alignment with the sentiment of the article. It was not actually part of the article.

      • Three other directions one might go with this. First, we have a few hundred thousand jihadists selling us beer, cigarettes, lotto tickets and gasoline who have been waiting to move against the “great satan.” Example; there is a Shell Truck Stop within a couple of miles of the Shell refinery in Deer Park, Texas. One of the ancillary plants is a Linde gas plant and just across a chain link fence from that truck stop is an 02 vessel. And just across Texas HWY 225 is a high school and middle school. You have a richer target? And then there is the investment China has in this country. The local city college and University of Houston/Victoria took Chinese money just over a year ago.China has invested in farm and ranch land as well as urban real estate. China has enough manpower to to invade Australia and still hit the weat coast and come up theough Mexico. Lastly, there’s Russia. I’m thinking Russia will wait this one out. They will be headed south. Read Ezekiel 38&39. Your thoughts?

        • Scenario 1: possible. I have lately been thinking that the PTB have about used up the terrorist schtick this time around, though, so I would make this option the fall back position.

          Scenario 2: This is where I would put my money. Back in 2015, my family went on vacation to Yellowstone. That place was swarming with Chinese. Could hardly get anywhere. Roads were clogged. Between the huge physical presence they have been establishing since the mid-90s, in jobs, colleges, business, etc…Yeah, I can see this happening.

          Scenario 3: I think most Americans have totally gotten Russia wrong. If you are a a traditional, God-fearing man, then Russia is not your enemy. I think Russia is on the rise, morally-speaking. For example, did you notice that they just passed, via national referendum, Constitutional changes to mandate that marriage can only be between one man and one woman. After 70 years of atheistic communism, moral issues are headed in the right direction (though they admittedly had a ways to go and are not arrived yet), such as falling abortion rates, etc. I would be more inclined to see Russia as a friend.

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