Vox Day: Pagan LARPing Cannot Save Western Civilization

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  1. The Christian god is dead. But we are grateful to him. And, he has left an enormous patrimony which, if used properly and defended well, weill be enough to defeat the degernate vulgar marcist leninist enemies of the Republic. While I respect TradCons, I note this Republic was founded without Marx or Jesus, and will be maintained the same way.

    • Western Culture, including the United States, has been historically Christian. To deny otherwise is silly.

  2. I get that Western culture has been tied to christianity since Christianity™ was established by the Roman empire, but it’s very naive to posit that this traditionalist capital-C Christianity can save our civilization when the culture of the opposition flat out reacts against it and all but the furthest of the right most likely don’t give a shit about religion without being reactionary toward it.
    Furthermore, who gets to decide what Christianity is or isn’t in this idealized fantasy of the so-called Hard Right? Do only the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches get to be endorsed or will this be a bigger tent with every flavor of simpering Evangelical and obnoxious Pentecostal? Do Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons get to include themselves? How would this society treat the “folk Christian” with his deeply-held beliefs about the nature of Christ and the gospels that divert doctrinally and dogmatcally from the established institutions of faith we now know?
    What will be the status of Christ’s own Jewish people in this world? One cannot claim to love Christ and hate his ethnicity and culture without doing some unbelievable mental gymnastics.
    These aren’t questions that are asked with a mocking or hostile subtext. These are all very difficult questions that are essential to rebuilding Western society in a way that will guard against the inevitable decay that will come long after the deaths of or grandchildren.

    • “I get that Western culture has been tied to christianity since Christianity™ was established by the Roman empire”
      Sorry, man, I pretty much stopped reading after this.

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