What is Western Civilization?

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Here at Men of the West, we have consistently stood up for reclaiming our Western Civilization. We have addressed contemporary issues, but always through the lens of the culture to which we adhere. We have looked at specific aspects of what defines a Man of the West. We have provided examples of such men. We have also pointed out some of our enemies and how to deal with them.
But ultimately, what do we mean by Western Civilization? Of course, if you want to do an in-depth study of the topic, there are lots of resources out there, but it might be useful to give a basic framework here.
We have three major historical elements that came together to form this culture. Likewise, there are three core values that are inherent within it.
First, the historical elements.

  1. Greek/Roman foundation. Here, we have the confluence of Greek Philosophy and Roman Law. Built upon the philosophical depth that the Greeks provided, the Roman political structure gave it stability. This meant that the reasons for laws, at least in theory, were informed by truth. Law was not supposed to be based upon the whims of an autocrat, but upon what made sense and worked best for society. Did it always work out that way? Of course not, but the general thrust was in this direction.
  2. Christianity. Yes, Jesus was a Jew, and followed the Old Testament Law, as it had been revealed to the prophets. At the same time, by the early centuries of the Church, there was a distinction made between Judaism and Christianity. Judaism had been subsumed by Christianity. Those who truly followed the Old Testament Law recognized Christ as the promised Messiah and became Christians. As Christianity spread throughout the Roman world, it became the dominant religion, and soon came to be a defining characteristic.
  3. Warrior spirit. Much of this came from the formerly pagan lands of Northern Europe, but there were also many great warriors in southern lands. Strength, endurance, and the dedication to overcome obstacles was inculcated into the DNA of Western Men.

Next, we consider the core values.

  1. Liberty. Men of the West yearn to be free. If they are living in a free state, then they hope to maintain and expand their freedom, though limited by Christian values. This is not some anarchic pseudo-utopia, but a freedom defined by men who live within the recognized law, but able to control their own lives on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Love. Men of the West are true lovers. They love their families. They love their church. They love their people. This is not a simplistic love, but a true love with depth. They are willing to sacrifice for their loved ones. This love drives their every move.
  3. Honor. Men of the West are men of their word. Few things are more abhorrent than someone who says one thing but does another. Men of the West despise fickle, dishonorable people. Western Culture expects certain behavior, and Men of the West demand it.

So those are the basic characteristics of Western Civilization. This is what we look for. This is what we expect.

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