We have posted many pro-Gen X articles here. In fact, I wrote many of them. You can see some examples here and here. A big part of our perspective, inherent in our argumentation, is that Gen X (and later generations) must fix the crap that the Boomers are leaving to us. So yes, you see lots of hate directed toward the Boomers, as was presented by Kurgan in yesterday’s post.  So why do we rip on the Boomers so much? That is pretty easy to explain.

First, recognize that it is not only the Hard Right that has this view of the Baby Boomers. Even younger Leftists hate them. Just see this article from a few years ago, written by a tree-hugging, Obamacare-loving Leftist. Pretty much everyone, except Boomers themselves, has judged that crooked, perverse generation and found it lacking in every arena of life.

So let’s look at some specifics, as perceived by those of us from Gen X that find ourselves as part of the Hard Right. Realize that this is not an exhaustive list. It is only representative. This article could be much, much longer.

  1. They are narcissists. Of course, every generation has its share of folks with inflated egos. We are not talking about specific individuals here. We are talking about an entire generation. Are there exceptions? Sure, but they are few and far between. As a whole, there has never been a generation (at least in living memory) that’s had such a bloated view of itself. Maybe the Millennials come somewhere close, but they are not nearly as egotistical, and are lacking in some of the other negatives. Regardless, it only takes about 12 seconds for a Boomer to begin Boomering in any conversation, trying to direct the focus directly back to him or herself.
  2. They suffer from a messianic complex. Not only do they have a high view of themselves, they are sure that they exist to save the world. What are they saving it from? It depends on the Boomer, but you can be assured that they have the answer to whatever problem they are focusing on.  Now, solving problems is not a bad thing, but when they try to force everyone to follow their grandiose plan, it becomes an issue. Especially since their plan is almost always totally stupid.
  3. They are greedy and self-serving. It has long been a staple of Western society that parents care for their children, and hope to leave those children in a better situation than the parents experienced. Parents hoped to build something and leave it to their children, so the children would start further up the ladder. That mindset has passed down from generation to generation – until the Boomers. Yes, these morons are the ones you see sporting bumper stickers on expensive RVs that proclaim “We are spending our children’s inheritance.” Everyone else shakes their heads in shame, but Boomers actually view this as a positive thing. It is ridiculous. Not only do they have no concern for those children that follow after them, they actively work to make the world a worse place for the long term.
  4. They are wastrels. Some of these characteristics overlap with others, but as a whole, Boomers offer little of value. They waste resources and leave future generations to solve all the problems they cause.
  5. They refuse to go away. All generations age. It is a fact of life. Most generations recognize when they are beginning to slow down and lose vitality. They realize that the younger generations have the energy and focus to move into leadership positions, so the elders step aside, hoping to enjoy their golden years by playing with grandchildren and offering advice when needed. Not the Boomers. As they age into decrepitude, their messianic narcissism leads them to distrust younger leaders, so the Boomers refuse to step aside. Therein, they cause businesses to stagnate, jobs to be lost, and quality to suffer. They are like the old athlete who does not realize he no longer has the ability to contribute, but has a contract that does not allow him to be cut from the team. So he drags the whole team down.
  6. They burned our house down. I do not think I have to explain this one in much detail. Just consider the following images. Image 2 is what Boomers contributed, by destroying what you see in Image 1.












We fully understand that life was not perfect in the 1950s, but there was some semblance of normalcy and decency. By the 1960s, the Boomers had turned it all on its head. What had once been proper was now rejected. Suddenly, evil was embraced by the mainstream, and then projected onto society. What had once been considered abnormal and degenerate was suddenly promoted. It is horrible. And Boomers did not grow up and realize the folly of their misspent youth. No, they doubled down on it, and even in old age continue to push this crap.

So yeah, we hate Boomers. Any good and decent person should. It is time for them to go.