Why I’m voting Republican this year

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I got a mailer from my Democratic congressional candidate this week.
Now, I knew he was a Democrat because he ran for governor four years ago against the incumbent Republican governor. But you’d hardly know it from the promotional piece.  It’s all “family values” and “I voted to cut taxes 150 times”.  You have to look in the fine print to see that it was paid for by the Kansas Democratic Party.
And all that conservative stuff he says? He’s not lying. In fact, many Kansas Democrats are more conservative than some Kansas Republicans, or at least they were until the last decade. They are still more conservative than the Republicans of a few wimpier states.
Back when I was active with the Young Republicans*, I worked a group called “Republicans for Finney”, that being Democrat Joan Finney, the pro-life former Secretary of State who went on to serve as Governor.
I worked for Wyandotte County Democrat Tom Love, also pro-life, who was running a valiant if losing effort against a liberal Republican Congresswoman.
My down-the-road neighbor, a Democrat, is my Township Trustee. I voted for him twice.
So I’ve voted for conservative Democrats before. Lots of them.
No longer.  In fact, I won’t vote for any Democrat this time around and maybe not ever again. I don’t care who they are.
It’s not because the ones in my district are bad people. It’s because the leadership of their party and the ideology of their party are twin evils.

Meme magic is real

We saw the first in living color this week.  Can you imagine Diane Feinstein in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee? Or Cory Booker and Kamala Harris wielding the power of the majority?
These people are insane. Or as newly-based Republican Senator Lindsey Graham** said this week, they just want power. Pray to God they never get it.
As for the second, well, that’s on display on every college campus and lefty website across the West. If you’re white, male, straight, Christian, normal, or decent, these people hate you and want you dead. They want your guns. They want unlimited abortion. If you give them power, even via good folks, you’re an idiot.
Would I ever vote for a Democrat again? Sure, if they would stop being evil and stop being insane. If they would stop wrecking good men whose only crime is to stand between the Democrats and killing children.
I’m not sold on the Republicans. In many ways they remain the Stupid Party. But they have a new backbone, which is directly related to the left going off the metaphorical rails in this country. And I like it.
My Democratic candidate is a good guy.  He’s the kind of solid, rural, hard-working stiff you want in a neighbor. I’d let my kids play with his kids. I’d let his son date my daughter. I’d even let him shoot my guns.
But I won’t vote for him this election. Nor for his evil party ever again.
* 1990 election, IIRC. I got run out then, but later spent a few terms in city-level GOP leadership and was later PIO for the Kansas Attorney General. I left the party circa 2004 when W decided that the “conservative” position on marriage counseling was to implement federal-funding of it. I am still registered independent.
** what strange world have I landed on where I’m nodding my head while listening to Lindsey-freaking-Graham? It’s almost like he was formerly controlled by some evil entity that has since died.

El Borak is an historian by training, an IT Director by vocation, and a writer when the mood strikes him. He lives in rural Kansas with his wife of thirty years, where he works to fix the little things.


  1. This has been my approach for quite a while. Even if you can find a sane Democratic candidate it just gives the overall party more power.

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