Witch Hunt

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Sometimes snowflakes melt so hard you can hear them:

EMMAUS, Pa. – “Complete and utter ignorance.”
That’s how people around Emmaus are reacting after finding out that for about three weeks now somebody’s been putting up signs and stickers with these words on them: ‘It’s okay to be white.’
“I mean, we’re surrounded by white privilege nowadays, it’s just a fact…so it’s completely racist to say ‘it’s OK to be white’,” says Joshua Westbrook, who lives on Emmaus Avenue.
Borough Manager Shane Pepe* says, “Without getting into a debate with people as to whether or not they believe this is a racist act, it is unacceptable, inappropriate, and distasteful at the very least. In addition, it is illegal and vandalism.”

So is it NOT okay to be white?
This simple question illustrates the genius of /POL/’s international sticker campaign. And it truly is genius, for the following reasons:
1) It has absolutely no effect on normal people. If you say “It’s ok to be white” to a normie, he will look at you as if you just asserted that water is wet. Of course it’s OK, so why even say it? In political battles, it is as important not to alienate non-opponents as it is to gather allies. The phrase is a truism, which 90% of people will either ignore outright or will simply shrug at.

only one thesis in this heresy
Only one thesis needed for this heresy.

2) It drives Social Justice Warriors — and the political left generally — insane with rage. Immediately, sputteringly. Just look at the emotionally-laden jargon they respond with, from the article’s title right down to the quotes. Vandals. Ignorance. Horrified. Racist. White supremacists. KKK. When you take flak, you know you are over the target. When your opponent bursts into fits of rage, you know you’ve just stuffed a fresh jalapeno into his most tender wound.
3) SJWs cannot explain why they are enraged. Mumbling about being “surrounded by white privilege” is not an answer**. Why is it racist? Why is it outrageous? Of what are the vandals ignorant? The outraged provide literally no argument, no specifics. SJWs, like all performing animals, are trained to respond to stimuli in a predictable manner. In this case, they are trained feel outrage in the presence of anything that could be construed as neutral or favorable toward whites. They have to react, but they don’t have to understand. It’s Pavlovian.
4) SJWs cannot fight back against it. They can mumble and mutter. They can tear down the stickers while marching in “unity”.  But the thing they cannot do, at least with normies around, is to disagree with what the sticker says. They must content themselves with saying “It’s not ok to be ignorant” – which is a platitude, not an argument. They must retreat to their covens to mumble and mutter that it’s not OK to be white. If they say it in public, they alienate the vast, disengaged, normal middle***. This is how they get Trump, and many more Trumps to come.
Everywhere the “It’s OK to be White” signs or stickers have turned up, from Cal Davis to Toronto to Atlanta, administrators and politicians have loudly demanded that the criminals be located for a show trial. But they will never come out and say exactly what the true charge is.
The charge, of course, is heresy. Which is why it’s met with witch hunts and torches. SJWs, and especially white SJWs, really don’t think it’s OK to be white. And they will attempt to burn anyone who has the audacity to say that it is.
Say it anyway. Then work to find and develop the next linguistic kill shot.
* Surely this man is trolling us.
** It’s not even a reality.
*** See Point 1.

El Borak is an historian by training, an IT Director by vocation, and a writer when the mood strikes him. He lives in rural Kansas with his wife of thirty years, where he works to fix the little things.


  1. I was loading chicken litter last week with an open cab loader. The wind suddenly changed direction as I was dumping the load on the wagon. Covered in chicken shit I thought to myself that this is true white privilege.

  2. I like this. This is nice performance art.
    There’s probably more to be said about the reactions to this (on the part of lefties); it’s certainly worth thinking about. (I agree that the critical point is that act of being affronted – even when it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe the $64 dollar question is, Why can’t they see that?)

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