2016 Troll of the Year Awards – Winners

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We would like to announce the winners from the first annual Men of the West Troll of the Year Awards.   Trolling is an art form to be appreciated, and indeed, all of society benefits from the chaotic entertainment trolls bring.  Trolls often bring attention to uncomfortable topics and skewer those who would otherwise be untouchable.  Its easy to hate the Trolls today…  indeed it is even fashionable.  But not here.   Here we will celebrate them.

Without further ado, here are your winners!
The 2016 Troll of the Year
Winner: Godfrey Elfwick 
Runner Up: No Award
Third Place: Donald J. Trump
The 2016 Parody Site of the Year
Babylon Bee
The 2016 Social Media Parody of the Year

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  1. LOL. No award was awesome. Trump is going to be the king of trolls by the time he gets through messing with the minds of the media. He had them in complete meltdown this week and it was pure entertainment.

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