Left Field

This election cycle promises to be entertaining. While Donald Trump has disappointed us with the bump stock ban and the small amount of wall built, he has been better than I expected


Huntress, Part VII

(Continued from Part VI) Brita was sitting with the princess when a knock came and the door to their room creaked open. The king entered alone and quietly, pulling a wooden stool


Communion: The Jailer, Jailed

The men that stoned Stephen told him, “Watch our coats while we kill this blasphemer!” And he thought to himself, “Blasphemers! This whole group needs to be stopped before they destroy Israel


Huntress, Part VI

(Continued from Part V) Being a princess is not so bad, Brita told herself, admiring the elegant white gloves that reached above her elbows. She was riding in a royal carriage finer


Folklore Relating to Werewolves

The following is extracted from The Book of Were-Wolves, by Sabine Baring-Gould (published 1865).  All spelling in the original. English folk-lore is singularly barren of were-wolf stories, the reason being that wolves