"Bake Kettle" Or The Dutch Oven

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Townsends is by far the best YouTube channel for 18th century American and English living and lifestyles.
He shows just how easy it is to use a Dutch Oven and some of the history behind it.



  1. I watched his episode on how clothes were washed in the eighteenth century. You will hug your washing machine after you watch it.

    • I haven’t seen that one yet, but I bet! We just got a washing machine that figures out how much water to use on its own and then alerts my phone when it’s done. I can’t imagine doing it all by hand would be very enjoyable.

  2. I bought a Ductch Oven and a Cast Iron Pan w/ lid a couple of years ago. Got a tripod and and a lift lifter also. Cheap insurance for some scenarios.

    • Yes, and for camping or even doing in your backyard. Dutch ovens also work in the modern oven, they are just big and bulky, but we’ve made a few things in our in the oven just for the flavor.

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