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Arnold Swarzenegger, long ago before he became a worthless Cuckservative, made many innovations in bodybuilding. The one that bares his name is the Arnold Press. While most shoulder exercises work in a single plane, this exercise works in three dimensions, which is highly favorable for this rotational muscle group.
Find an upright bench, or an adjustable one, and set it to 90°. Grab your dumbbells and swing them up to your chest, elbows down, palms facing you. As you raise the weights, rotate your forearms outward toward the more traditional dumbbell military press. Touch tips at the top. Coming down, reverse the rotation back to the front of your chest. As always, make sure to do 2-3 warm up sets before using your working weight.
The Arnold Press is a great exercise to include in your routine or even build your routine around. You will be lifting seriously heavy weights and hitting your weaker supportive and secondary shoulder muscles.

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