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The Pull Up is the best back exercise. It hits your entire back and requires no equipment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men who are either too weak or too fat to pull up their own body weight. While this exercise used to be a staple of basic physical fitness, taught in every P.E. class across the nation, it has now become forgotten. So for those poor souls who aren’t there yet, I’m going to also talk about Lat Pulls.
To do a pull up, grab a bar that hangs above your head and is parallel to the ground. Shoulder width is fine, but I prefer wide grip for extra lat work. Now from a dead hang, with your legs slightly bent to reduce swing, pull up to at least a point where you can see above the bar. Some folks will say the standard is below your chin. Do what makes you happy. Now lower yourself to either a dead hang or at least elbows to ear level. Do these to failure. If you get to a point where you’re doing more than 20, grab a chain belt and start hanging weights from your waist. Start with 5lbs and work your way up.
Now if you can’t do a single pull up, Lat Pulls are a very good substitute. However, before you sit down at a station, I want you to go to the pull up bar and make attempts. From a dead hang, pull up as hard as you can. Drop to a dead hang and repeat. Do 3 sets of 5 before you go to the lat pull. These Dead Hang attempts will go a long way toward increasing your strength for pull ups.
At the lat pull station, select a knee pads height that will allow you to sit comfortably while still locking your lower body down. Reach up and grab the lat pull bar, which is usually shaped like a short bow. Shoulder width is fine, but I prefer wide grip. Pull down to your chest, keeping your lower back tense to prevent you from “bending” the weight down with your back. Let it return to about 90% extension, or elbows to ear level. Aim for 3 sets of 10.
Once you get to a point where you can do pull ups, make pull-ups your back routine starter, and build from there. Add lat pulls if you want, but pull ups are just plain superior.

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  1. Hand-stand push ups are another good no gear required, body weight exercise. Both took a while for me to go from one to multiple sets of a dozen or so.

  2. When I find myself de-trained due to sickness or injury, I typically lose my ability to do even one pull-up/chin-up.
    What gets my chin back over the bar is negatives. I do whatever I have to do, jump, boost from a chair, etc., to get my chin over the bar, and then slowly and painfully lower myself down for as many reps as I can stand. After a couple of weeks of this, I’m back to doing one or two legit from a dead hang, and can progress from there.
    This works better for me than latpulls. What never worked for me at all are those assisted pullup stations. The idea makes sense, but got me nowhere.

    • The Gayest Thing ever mentioned doing a new workout routine starting with 1 pullup, 1 reverse lunge and 1 pushup. Then adding one count every day.
      I think I might join him on that.

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