Reverse grip curls are another exercise that Arnold Schwarzenegger helped pioneer. These curls target some of the weaker and support muscles around the bicep, as well as the upper part of your fore arm. Keep in mind that the best way to train is to hit all your muscle groups from different angles. And that’s why reverse grip curls should be a staple in your routine.

You may be tempted to grab an EZ curl bar. Don’t be a fag. Grab an Olympic bar bell. Use an over hand grip. You want your hands to be slightly inside your shoulder sockets. Curl the bar up, being careful to keep your wrists locked upward and elbows tucked. You’ll notice that you mechanically can’t move the bar as far as you can with a normal grip. Go as far as you can. Squeeze your bicep at the top and then lower the weight back to your thighs in a controlled method. You won’t be able to do as much weight with these as with a regular curl. In fact I’d stick to keeping these as shaping exercises. They are great for wrist, forearm, and bicep peak.