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Previously, I went over the leaning T-bar row. This time, we are going to talk about the bent over T-bar row. Some gyms have stations for this exercise, with a bar affixed to a hinge in the floor or on a stand, and a set of handles on the other end. If there is no station, you can improvise with a barbell, by stuffing one end into the corner and a handle from the lat pull station under the other end. Whichever you do, the rest will be the same.
Get a wide stance, about two foot lengths behind the handles. Bend over and grab the handles as if you were going to do a double over hand deadlift. Deadlift the weight up to a full standing position, then slowly lower the weights again until your torso is at about a 45° angle to the floor. Now with your back arched and your shoulder blades pinched back, pull the weights to your chest. Lower again to the same spot, keeping your back stationary. Complete the “deadlift” motion by returning the weights to the ground.
As always do 2-3 warm up sets before you get to your working weight.
This pulling motion is necessary to round out your back routine with the pull up. Where the pull up focuses on your lats and outer back, the rows will focus on the center areas of your back, building a dense thick slab. The free weights are preferable to cable rows, as you’ll work your secondary and control muscles more.

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