Bo Snerdley Takes On NFL and White Privilege

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James Golden is best known as “Bo Snerdley,” the pseudonym for Rush Limbaugh’s call screener, and he is a clever, independent and strategic commentator whose views can be unpredictable, yet passionate.
Golden spoke freely on his two “triggers” that upset him: People who criticize his boss and this NFL #TakeAKnee controversy.
Although a loyal fan of the NFL since childhood, this protest of the National Anthem may cause him to not watch football this season, he said in an exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.
“These multi-millionaire, very sensitive, highly-educated, well-versed in history football players taking a knee for social justice is supposed to be acceptable while praying to our God Almighty, creator of the universe and all in it, including this beautiful, prosperous nation, is verboten,” Golden said, comparing it to what happened when former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow knelt in prayer.
Read the Rest Here. There is also an embedded video in the article.

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