Bystander Effect: Does This Describe You?

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Now, what does that have to do with rebuilding Western Civilization, you may ask. Simple, too many of us are sitting around waiting for someone else to do something. Of course, we are excited when we find other like-minded folks, and it is fun to gather together, whether in person or online. We can encourage one another and pontificate on the issues of the day. But the Bystander Effect often comes into play here. We never move beyond talking, as we discussed here nearly two years ago.
Eventually, though, someone has to make a move. Too often, we have lots of great ideas about how to fix some problem, but rather than just doing it, we wait. Or worse, we tell someone else that they should do it. Vox Day actually discussed this (more than once, but this is an example).  If you are a regular reader of his blog, you know that it is fairly common in the comments for someone to pipe up and say something like, “Vox, you need to do such and such.” That is idiotic.
Do you not think that Vox, or any of us, are not already doing things? Do we have time to add in your plan to our already busy schedules? Not usually.
Now, that does not mean your idea is bad (nor does it mean it is good). It simply means that it is YOUR idea. It is YOUR plan. So do it. If you really think it is worthwhile, why do you want to outsource that to someone else? Own it. Make it happen.
Don’t just sit around and hope someone else will solve all your problems. Be proactive in your own life and your own little corner of the world. That is how things happen. That is how change occurs. That is how Western Civilization is saved.

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