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President-elect Trump has filled two cabinet positions and we think it’s a good time to put out our own list of ideal cabinet choices.  We aren’t going to hit every position because honestly a lot of these positions are all but pointless.  Energy Secretary…we’re looking at you.
Secretary of State:  Stephen M. Walt.    Walt is a neo-realist, professor at Harvard, and writer for Many of his positions have been echoed by Trump during the campaign.
Secretary of Treasury: Jeb Hensarling  “Economic growth for all, bank bailouts for none.”  Bonus: he’s never worked for Goldman Sachs.
Secretary of Defense: William S. Lind – With 4G warfare exploding all over the world, it would be wise to put the guy who invented the term in charge.
Attorney General: Mike Lee.  This is more of a process of elimination pick.  Rudy and Christie are not good options.  That leaves a lot of scrambling to find a good fit.
Secretary of the Interior:  Harrold G. Hamm.   “President Trump will release America’s pent-up energy potential, get rid of foreign oil, trash punitive regulations, create millions of jobs, and develop our most strategic geopolitical weapon: crude oil.”  Preach, Preacher.
Secretary of Agriculture:  Joel Salatin. “I am a Christian-Libertarian-Capitalist-Environmentalist-Lunatic.”  We need radical new leadership in Agriculture.  That means we need a radical new leader.  Grass fed beef is still crap though, Joel.
Health and Human Services:  Ben Carson.  Tearing down Obamacare is all that matters.   His passion about this is what thrust him into the spotlight to begin with.  Turn him loose on it.
Homeland Security:  Jeff Sessions.   No explanation required.  Roll Tide.


  1. Carson bothers me because of his position on mandatory vaccines. Vaccines are fine, but force of law is not. Especially in cases where the vaccine can be harmful.

  2. Off topic as far as cabinet positions go, but Roger Stone said Napolitano was Trump’s number one pick for SCOTUS.

  3. What do you think of Richard Grennel for UN Ambassador or some such post? I don’t know much about him, but see some chatter

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