Crossing the Rubicon

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In the days and weeks since the election there have been a million different stories covering a million different theories on what is going on, and what is going to happen. Some of them seem credible, some farfetched. But the one thing that I am certain of is that President Trump is at least prepared to “Cross the Rubicon.”

If you’re one of the few people who do not get this reference, I’ll explain: When Julius Caesar was nearing the end of his term as a provincial governor, his political rivals ordered him to return to Rome where he would be unjustly prosecuted, facing ruin and imprisonment. Instead he lead his legion across the Rubicon and became Emperor, Caesar.

President Trump is in a similar predicament. While he was a sitting president his political opponents were holding all manner of mock trials to prosecute him, his family, and any of his allies. If Trump allows the Biden Administration to gain power, the clown court horseshit he was subjected to while in power will look fair by comparison. Even if he negotiates immunity for himself and his family, they will simply arrange a series of mysterious car and plane crashes for them all.

Over the weekend Trump came out against suggestions that he should declare martial law. Apparently he is relying on the courts and congress to overturn this fraudulent election. But congress and the courts have already proven themselves too cowardly and corrupt to do what is right.

President Trump really has no other option for him and his family and his country but to declare martial law according to the Insurrection Act.

“Dictator! Hitler!”

Of course, they will say these things about him. They were saying these things for the past four years when he was giving us the highest employment rate in 100 years and making massive moves to cut back on government intrusion into private lives. These people will despise Trump no matter what he does. They are declared enemies of the American people. Who cares what they think? What you need to realize about this though, is that America as we know it is over. It is never going back to what it was. Not while these people are still capable of doing this kind of massive fraud.

If Biden takes power we already know they plan to pack the courts, pack the Senate, and you can forget about fair elections. They just got caught blatantly cheating, on video, with mountains of evidence, and no one cares except us and Trump. You think 75 million disenfranchised Trump voters are going to give a damn about voting ever again if Biden takes office? And for all the fuss we went through over the three different Supreme Court justices appointed by Trump, all three of them have shown their absolute willingness to fold. Remember during the Obama years, when we were all pumped up for the Tea Party Republicans and everyone was walking around with their pocket Constitutions? We had a massive grassroots campaign to get our true liberty-loving conservatives elected, and we succeeded. And the first thing most of those candidates did was fold and betray their constituents.

There is no amount of voting that is going to fix our country.

We have massive evidence of voter fraud and our courts and legislatures have been falling over themselves to ram through this fraudulent election anyway, because they are either afraid, or they are guilty of it themselves. The corruption is too deep. You need to realize that your only two options from this point forward are to live under a Communist China controlled Biden/Harris administration, or to live under the dictatorship of President Trump while he tries to sort out all the corruption and restore integrity to our government and elections.

For me, and millions like me, the former is unthinkable. Trump must cross the Rubicon. He has certainly been making all the right moves with the military. Since the election he has replaced his Secretary of Defense, replaced a multitude of top brass in the Pentagon and the rest of the military, reorganized all US Special Forces to answer directly to his own Staff Secretary. These are extremely peculiar moves for a supposedly outgoing president in his last six weeks of office.

But my hope is that not only will Trump follow the example of Julius Caesar, but will prevail where Caesar failed. Caesar was famously assassinated by the Senate. He had failed to root out the corruption. If Trump is going to do this, he must do it all the way. No half measures. Everyone who took a single dollar from China as a payoff must be either imprisoned or executed for treason. Every business that has even the simplest 1 cent widget produced in China must be given 90 days to conclude all their business with China before facing 1 million dollar a day fines and prosecution for consorting with enemies of the United States. Every media outlet or tech company that participated in censorship during the election must have their assets seized and their staff prosecuted.

This is the way.

Because the alternative is to watch our once great nation go the way of Imperial Russia, where we patriots spend the next 80 years fighting guerilla warfare under nightmarish persecution until the communists can no longer pay the bills and it all falls apart. Which way, Western Man?

Donner Schwanze is a Traditional Christian with Traditional values. He has had a tough life and has worked hard for everything he has. As a Father and a Husband, Donner will do whatever it takes to defend his God, his nation, and his family.

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