Dems Debunked, Part 2: Is Trump A Misogynist?

December 1, 2018
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Part 1
So we have shown that Trump is no racist, and those who say he is are only playing political games. But, of course, racism is only one of the cudgels used to bash the man. We are also told that he is clearly a misogynist. In fact, the Left likes to claim that his maltreatment of women is evident to all and has reached a new low since he came into the White  House.
Now, admittedly, Trump has been known to play the field. He was unfaithful to his wives in the past. The big “October Surprise” of 2016 was the unveiling of the Access Hollywood Tapes, where he told a companion that women would just let him walk up and grab them by …their parts. So it is fair to say that Trump’s libido has led him to some questionable, and frankly non-Christian behavior regarding women. No one denies this, not even Trump.
However, we have to keep a few things in mind here. First, while unsavory, this is not exactly uncommon in Washington. Do we need to revisit such Democrat heroes as JFK, FDR, LBJ, or even ‘ol Slick Willy himself? While this does not excuse Trump’s misbehavior, it does show that the push by Democrats to pillory him as disingenuous at best. Again, like the claims of racism, they are simply politically motivated.
Second, while unsavory, do these extra-marital affairs actually represent a fully proven case of misogyny, or simply the actions of a sinful man? In that regard, I would point out that while sinful, all of his affairs were done willingly, with both participants in agreement to the activity. That does not remove the stain, but it is hardly someone out trying to abuse women in some way. Wrong? Of course. Misogynistic? Hardly.
Third, how has Trump actually treated women in the past? Well, the WaPo has reported that women who have worked for him think he is a champion of women. They have also reported that they have “huge respect” for him. In fact, the only real complaint any of them had regarded the fact that Trump tended to hire, and promote, attractive women. Look, the man had a business to run, and he knows that attractive women are more likely to please his customers. There is nothing untoward there. The fact remains that he has  hired many women over the years, and has given them the opportunity to succeed and grow in their positions.
No, Trump is no misogynist. He is a flawed man, with some sketchy relationship history, but he does not demean women, nor does he abuse women. He has given them every opportunity in his organization, and in his administration. For example, last year, he signed two new pieces of legislation aimed at helping women in the STEM fields.
So again, we see the Democrats flailing about, trying to find something – anything – to use to attack the President. It is all politics. It is not real.

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