Dems Debunked, Part 1: Is Trump A Racist?

November 28, 2018
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We have had a ringside seat to the great meltdown of the Left in the United States. Sure, they have always been wrong, but at least for a time, they tried to pretend to be sane. No longer. Now, no matter who you are and what you have done, if you espouse a policy or viewpoint counter to their agenda, they label you as a science-denier, hateful bigot, misogynist, or – even worse – a terrible racist. For years, that has been their go to epithet for those who will not kow tow to the Leftist agenda. To be fair, for decades, it worked. Now, times are changing.
We have a current case study for this phenomenon: President Donald Trump.
The Boston Globe proclaims that Trump was elected because he is a racist. The leftist rag, Vox, has tried to paint a long and twisted Trumpian life of racism.
You can go to Twitter, Facebook, or just the regular old Main Stream Media, and see a plethora of articles that try to argue for Trump’s obvious racism.
But is it true?
First, from the man himself: “I am not a racist. I’m the least racist person you have ever interviewed”.
So who is correct? Is Trump lying about himself, or are  the Leftists presenting a false picture?
How about we look at this objectively. Before he began his run for the White House, how did African Americans view Trump? Here is a good example, from our old buddy, Jesse Jackson:
A lifetime of service to the African American community. That does not sound racist.
USA Today, no consistent friend of Trump, even addressed anti-Semitism and how it might relate to Trump:

Linking Trump to anti-Semitism is factually incorrect and morally wrong. You never heard it before he ran for office. He has a history of giving generously to Jewish charities, including the Anti-Defamation League, and he received the Jewish National Fund’s “Tree of Life” award.

Look, all we have  here is partisan wailing, from the side that has never had a good grasp on truth or reality.
Donald Trump is no racist. He has long employed minorities, given them opportunities to succeed, and even received awards from those groups for his support. He was their friend, right up to the point that he ran as a Republican. They only claim he is a racist because  he does not push a Leftist agenda.
Again, we see the Dems debunked. It is what we expect from such liars and malcontents. Don’t fall for their idiocy, falsehoods, and obfuscations.

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