Final Call For Shirt Ideas

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Last week, we posted a call for some shirt ideas. We have had some really good ones, and a couple of those are on deck for being put into the MOTW Crypto.Fashion page. As promised, those who suggested the chosen designs will get one free shirt on me.

Our current plan is to pick two new options from the suggestions (and the CF fellows and I are the judges), and we already have some we really like (so we will definitely have two, and some of the others might move into the rotation later, as well). Still, in the interest of fairness, in case anyone missed the earlier call, this is your last chance, at least for this go around.

So if you have any ideas for shirts, let us know in the comments. You can look at our current offerings here, and you can see the suggestions from the past week at the link at the top of this article.

Let us know soon. By the end of this week, we will make the final judgement and announce the winners.

I will contact the winners via email, using the email address that you used for your log in (yeah, no one else can see them, but admin can, if we go look).

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  1. May I suggest something with the Latin phrase “Veritas Odium Parit,” which I believe translates to “Truth Brings Hatred”? With the Scriptures John 14:6 and Matthew 10:22 by way of explanation.

  2. I still want to see you do an eagle with the phrase Make America American Again scrolled around or underneath it.

  3. I’d like to see a shirt with one pocket and the Crusader Shield on the pocket. I already have the Crusader Shield cap, so together they would be a uniform of sorts. Admittedly, pocketed shirts might be something outside of Cryptofashion’s comfort zone…

  4. A shirt with a silhouette of a M-240 and a caption that reads “happiness is a belt-fed weapon”

  5. How about a shirt with the following phrase or some permutation thereof (perhaps below the “Man of the West” graphic from the shirt already on Cryptofashion):

    Preserve wisdom, Protect the family, Provide for the future – Men of the West

    An alternate option would be to replace family with nation, depending on personal preference.

  6. A tee shirt with : QUARTERMASTER
    Expect Miracles

    I may be too late for this round, but that’s OK. Save for next time!

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