Gamergate as an effective template for defense against SJWs

April 6, 2017
2 mins read

First, a brief primer on what is Gamergate.
Deep breath. Here we go.
It started out when it was becoming obvious crappy games were being lauded in the gaming industry press because of personal ties to the developer. Oddly, the spark that set it off was because of Zoe Quinn and her, er, “game” Depression Quest. The “game” is a slideshow that asks a few questions but was getting great reviews. Her ex-boyfriend revealed how she had been sleeping around to use games journalists and others in the industry to advance her career.
Suddenly, it was a full court press against gamers by the game industry press. “End of gamers” became their battle cry. It didn’t matter the reason, some said it was because of misogynistic males, or bigots, or homophobes, or capitalists, or conservatives, or racists, or rednecks, or spoiled brats, or… The upshot was that gamers were thinking Wrongthoughts having Wrongfun and enjoyed Badthink. Games, maintained the progressives in the industry, should dump being ‘fun’ and focus on issues and reeducating the idiots. And they, the industry press, were just the right people to tell others what they should and shouldn’t like.
Gamers of all walks of life took a long look at the situation and decided enough was enough. They said ‘Nope’ and rallied around the hashtag Adam Baldwin, he of Firefly and Chuck fame, created because of similarities he saw in the situation to Watergate.
Chaos ensued.
A lot went down on Twitter, before Twitter was infested with SJWs and began their slide into oblivion. Other social media sites were hotbeds of activity.
Gamers fought back and fought hard, eventually bringing about changes for official policies for game news sites, shut down the various lawsuits and falsehoods about games and gamers, and achieving victory after victory. The war still goes on; the SJWs won’t quit, but it’s simmered down.
Out the craziness emerged more than a few lessons on how to take on the institutionalized Progressives and win.

  1. Don’t back down. Ever.
  2. Don’t apologize for liking what you like. Especially when it runs counter to the SJW agenda.
  3. You are going to get called names. If you take a stand, even if it’s just a call not to be hasty, you will be called names. Ignore them.
  4. Allies are important. Gamers rallied around each other, regardless of skin color, confused sexual orientation, disability, sex, or just about any other metric the Progressives use to divide society into smaller groups. That doesn’t mean you need to accept their agendas and goals outside of the immediate problem, but if they are shooting at enemy, let them.
  5. Winning takes effort. Winning takes time. You’re going to lose ground now and then. See #1.
  6. The social pressure to give in and conform will be intense. See #1.
  7. A lot of battles can be won by just showing up and taking the field. The enemy has power, true, but not all that you will face. Sometimes just shedding a little light will have them running.
  8. Memes. Rhetorical attacks with memes are powerful. It dispirits the enemy. It raises the morale of your side.
  9. Last on my list, but there are others lessons, have fun. A song in the heart and a smile on the lips will confound the enemy many times over.

So how does this work for the Men of the West?
Apply the lessons to defense of family, country, and God. If a bunch of gamers can do it, so can we.


  1. No time for gaming, I was entirely absent and unaware of GG while it went down.
    However, from what I gather now, there were some massive spillover effects from that conflict. /pol, Reddit, and other corners of the internet, united in hatred of PC, found their voice and power, realized they could fight and WIN against SJWs, and likely provided some of Trump’s margin of victory, slim as it was.

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