In Europe, it has become a weekly occurrence that some Muslim keeps the tenants of his faith and kills some infidels. In the US, we have literal Communists showing up to shut down free speech by force of violence on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. These Antifa Communists have been seeking ways to escalate the violence, after they have repeatedly been outclassed in the brawls. Let’s face it: college chicks, skinny jean wearing male feminists, and lesbians have no chance against a group of actual men, many of whom are vets. So they are naturally trying to even the battlefield. So far we have seen knives, small explosives, mace, bike locks, and clubs. And now they are calling for their folks to bring guns.

I salute the men who’ve stood up to these leftist tyrants. Whether they are true believers, free speech advocates, or just assholes who like a good fight, it is vital to stand up to this tyranny. Lord knows the government hasn’t done shit, except arrest people after the fact.

The same goes for Europeans. They are actively betrayed by their government, all of whom swore oaths to protect the citizens of Europe, in order to favor barbarian Invaders.

When your own government won’t protect you, you have no choice but to protect yourself or be a victim.

So gear up. If you’re going to these Trump rallies or Free Speech rallies that are the targets of Antifa, be prepared to be stabbed or even shot. And every Man of the West in Europe should take these steps every time they step out of the door. Go to your nearest army surplus store and get a Kevlar helmet and a flack jacket. If you’ve got the money, get online and order a decent bullet proof vest. Find some sort of shin and elbow guards. Gas masks if you can.

If you don’t have hundred or thousands of dollars, you can still gear up. Stitch sheet metal and ceramic tiles in between two shirts or sweaters, or a coat. Get​ your woman’s help if you need it, or your mother’s help, if your woman is some sort of savage who can’t sew. Here’s a video:

Here’s a video on making homemade shin guards. Repeat the process for your forearms, but instead of using foam, go for plates of metal about 1/8” thick or layers of sheet metal.



Here’s a video for making a good solid helmet.



There are many more videos out there. Just find them. Do whatever​ it takes to protect yourself, my brothers. Your enemy wants your blood. Give them theirs instead.