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Good News from the Front

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In a posting on 4/21/2017, Vox Day linked to an article by a leftist bemoaning the fact that in “current year”, there are still people moving to the Right, especially the Alt-Right. Vox commented:

“Eventually, people notice. Eventually, people see through the mass of lies they have been told. And it’s often the young men who see through them first. The Left’s worldview is false. The Conservative worldview is false. The Libertarian worldview is false.”
“And that is why the Alt-Right will win out in the end, so long as it continues to maintain a political philosophy in line with history, science, reason, and truth.”

The young men have awakened. This became very clear to me this last election at my school. I work at a Catholic high school, owned by one of the most liberal religious orders ever shat from the festering bowels of Satan himself. Run by aging female Boomers living on feelz, and with a large contingent of progressive teachers constantly bombarding both students and faculty with a steady diet of leftist propaganda, one would think everyone there would be a screaming Commie.
Not so. Most of the young men have seen through the lies foisted upon them, and are shamelessly vocal about their disappointment and anger. They want America to be America again. They want the outsiders and enemies of America sent home. They want the demonization of men and feminist propaganda to cease. They are weary of having to not only accept, but to also celebrate, perversion. They want Western civilization to survive and prosper. This not only surprised me, but did my old heart good. As an amenable authority, I do my best to mentor and encourage them to fight for what they value and hold dear.
Vox is right. The young men have seen through the lies, rejected them, embraced the truth, and are joining the battle. May we take them under our tutelage and prepare them well for the great, coming war.


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