Governor of the Virgin Islands Orders Violation of the Constitution

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The governor of the Virgin Islands has ordered the siezure of guns in preparation for huricane Irma.
The commander of the national guard has authorized and directed the National Guard to sieze guns and ammo.  Are there any rights that the government will not violate at will? How do these citizens get their property back? Who will defend them after their own government leaves them defensless? The people who were illegally disarmed during the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina know the answer to all of these questions.

Kenneth Map: Constitutional Criminal

Kenneth Map (@GovernorMapp) is a Republican. Democrats are usually up front about their evil intentions. Republicans betray you with a stab in the back.
The NRA is going to bat:

Meanwhile, the Republican Governor of Florida moves to protect the rights of Floridians under evacuation by allowing them to take their guns with them without a permit.
My faith in Republicans is restored… but watch your back.

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