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Our buddies at Crypto.Fashion, the folks who make our shirts, caps, and patches, have been hit by the economic slowdown. If you are able, not only to support MOTW, but to help out our friends, we would appreciate it if you were to peruse their offerings.

While we would love for you to buy MOTW merch, we are actually happy if you get anything from their site, even if it is not our stuff (and we don’t even like everyone that they do business with).

Seriously, help out some of “our people,” and get yourself some nice shirts n stuff. Some examples below.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


    • I wear their shirts all the time. If I am not at church or work, I probably have one of their shirts on.

  1. Order confirmed…hat, just a good looking lid, and shirt, cool design, makes a statement, and hopefully helps keep good people going.

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