I No Longer Believe In Free Speech

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Editor’s Note: We offer another thought-provoking article from our buddy, Adam Piggott, the Gentleman Adventurer. This first ran at his site.
I no longer support free speech. Free speech is both a deception and a cancer that has undermined Western Civilization since the French revolution. The progressive left heavily pushed the concept of free speech in the 1960s. They used it to effectively sabotage and destroy the venerable institutions that make up our nation states, and once their work was effectively done, once they had completed their march through the institutions, they tossed aside the idea of free speech as easily as if it were simply a straw in a bin.
No speech is free. The concept itself is ludicrous when you consider it. All speech has consequences. At the tender age of 10 I first grasped the idea that the adults in charge were full of shit when they kept repeating this line:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Yeah, nah. Names can really hurt you, as I discovered in the playground. Which is all part of growing up, but the inherent lunacy of ‘names can never hurt you’ didn’t sit easily with me. Names can hurt you for the following reason:
No speech is without consequences.
Walk up to a huge biker on the street and tell him that you slept with his mother and that she was a dead root and watch what happens to you.
Stand up in the middle of a performance and begin abusing the performers and calling them names and see how long you last in the building.
Tell a police officer in no uncertain terms what you think of him and see how you go.
Intentionally say something to hurt a loved one, a cherished member of your family, and eventually you’ll wish that you could dial back time and get to a place where those words never came out of your mouth.
Once you say it you can never unsay it.
Words have power, and thus words are loaded with responsibility. Our leaders used to understand that. You could not criticize our institutions for the sole objective of tearing them down. You could hardly criticize them with the objective of building them up. They were protected and thus they persevered.
The Church is no longer protected, and it is in an abject state of decline. It has not been protected from malicious speech for over 50 years. On the other hand no criticism of Islam is allowed. Free speech is not on the agenda when it comes to Islam, and thus Islam is on the ascendancy. One is protected, one is not.
Words count.
Our judiciary, our political process, our military, our universities and centers of learning, our press, our community associations, groups like the Boy Scouts, our families, and our patriarchal system, all of these and many others have been undermined for 200 years with words of destruction. Now they are mostly destroyed, a mere shadow of what they once were. The thought of not being able to criticize them now is appalling only because they are such bastions of ridicule. They have been reduced thus due to the constant attacks under the banner of free speech.
And now that the left have got what they want from free speech, the tired trope is on its way out. Of course they will not come right out and declare this to be true. The slumbering public is not ready for this yet. Instead they declare speech that they have decided is off limits to be something known as “hate speech”. This is speech which they hate, speech which they do not want to allow to have any foothold, and as such they shame people into not using it.
This process began over 25 years ago with the rise of what became to be known as political correctness. At the same time as the progs danced around and demanded that all manner of deviant speech be allowed under the banner of being free, so began the process of shaming people into silence through restricting their speech through the process of labeling it as not being politically correct.
And it worked. For some reason the majority of people wanted to be thought of as being politically astute, which was apparently easy to come by as long as you were politically correct. It offered the supposed credentialism of knowledge under the banner of conformity.
The left wants power and speech is power. The left have been in effective power since the late 1960s. They have been able to say whatever they want for whatever means they desired while progressively restricting the speech of their opponents. Now we have the situation where white men are shamed into silence for the sin of “mansplaining”. If you take this concept at face value, men who fall under this umbrella should not be allowed to say anything at all.
The color of your skin will in future determine what you are allowed to say in the brave new world of the progs. The evil that is Sarah Jeong is a very modern manifestation of this. Perhaps the NYT has moved too fast in sticking by this woman. Her visceral hatred of whites and her demands that they not be allowed to speak or participate only came about because of unfettered free speech. Listen to this snippet of a presentation that she gave at Harvard University:

Go back several decades and the bitch would have been thrown out on her ear. In fact, she never would have been able to set foot in the place to begin with. But free speech was used as the excuse to destabilize and throw down institutions such as these so that now a woman like this can freely speak her words of bile. The institution is destroyed. The Morlocks have emerged victorious. The place needs to be torn down and the ground salted.
Now she uses the institution that the left perverted with its cancer to call for more radical maneuvers in the ongoing war of culture, race and ideas. A Communist conspiracy to destroy the Western world.
We must seek to simultaneously restrict the speech of our enemies whilst protecting our remaining institutions from more damage. Our enemies must not just be shamed, they must be harangued and persecuted so that they may ultimately be destroyed. They were never interested in any debate or meeting of the minds. They pretended to be open to such cooperation while simultaneously doing everything they could to prevent our side from defending itself. As conservatives we were supposed to conserve. Gay marriage is just the cherry on the cake to show that we have conserved almost nothing. The left’s ideas now became our ideas simply because of the unrelenting attacks and pressure. Because of the unrelenting use of free speech.
I no longer believe in the concept of free speech because I have finally awoken from a 40 year spell. The idea was drummed into me from a young age so that I took it to be true like the sky is blue and the fields are green. But it is a lie, and it is a very obvious and stupid lie once you finally awaken to its untruthfulness. Another step in the red pill journey.
Free speech isn’t free; there are always consequences for words. Look around at our broken nations and realize the truth. Mind what you say. And pay attention to what our enemies are saying. This is a war. Make them pay for it.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. I don’t support any right to incite to murder, which is what calls for ‘white genocide’ are.
    But neither do I support reason against the American Enlightenment, which is what is advocated in this articel.

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