Idiocracy in Real Life

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If you have not watched the documentary, Idiocracy, you really should do it. Now. Intended to be a satirical look at how modern culture has succumbed to what Neil Postman wrote about in his article, “Future Schlock,” the film demonstrates a society that has been “amused into stupidity.” Of course, it is not really a documentary, but it might as well be.
One scene in particular is clearly describing a modern situation that threatens to arrive sooner, rather than later: the garbage avalanche.

Do you think that is not happening? Check this out, from the Philippines:

Or how about in Ethiopia:

You can read more about this sort of thing happening all over the globe. And it is coming to America, too:

Here is the problem. Western Civilization has learned to deal with such things. If leftists would shut up about their fake Man-made Global warming nonsense, we could burn what needs to be burned, and dispose of the rest in a reasonable manner. The problem is that third world people are seemingly incapable of dealing with a simple problem like trash. Notice this new airplane from Saudi Air:

They are bringing this inability to clean up after themselves when they come to our country. Rather than learning the benefits of the West, they inflict their own ignorance and stupidity upon the rest of us. We are not making them better. They are making us worse.
It is time for them to go  home. If they prefer to live in trash and squalor, then they can do so elsewhere. We do not want it here.

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